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Dirt Rally - The definitive VR experience

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I don't get a lot of me time these days. But when I smell it coming I am inchin' to get my Samsung Odyssey+ out to continue on the VR adventure. Today I had about 3 hours and since I hadn't tried either Project cars of Dirt Rally with my newly acquired 1080ti, that's what I did with that time.

I found the performance sweet spot with both games quite easily. I switched the headset refresh rate from 90hz to 60hz for both and found very acceptable setting maintaining 60fps.

I have to say I don't know what all the fuss about Ray Tracing is. I would much prefer if Nvidia concentrated on giving us the best possible anti-aliasing. Shimmering and jagged edges are by far the biggest immersion killer in VR. It's funny that they didn't bother me much on a screen but they drive me nuts in VR!

I'll gladly sacrafice all other setting in Prepar3D to get at least 4 x ssaa if not 8!

Anyway, the 1080ti over my 980ti really did make a big difference in both Project Cars and Dirt Rally.

Before I was no slouch! I had a mighty sim racing setup in my former basement. Here is the embarrassing video to prove it:


Believe me I had parties in that basement and everyone laughed and had more fun than they though possible. It was an awesome and immersive experience that I though would not be topped.

I was wrong! It's amazing to think that using the same system today except for the 1080ti I can far exceed the realism of that setup at my dinning room table with a like new Logitech MOMO that I picked up for CAD$40 and my $299 Samsung Odyssey+

I could and will still have the parties because while my friends are terrifying themselves in VR they are demonstrating their lousy driving skills on the TV for everyone to laugh at.

I cannot praise VR enough and so far I have to say that despite loving it with P3D, XP11 and now AFS2 with True Earth Nehterlands for 50% off, Dirt Rally is by far the most realistic and compelling VR experience I have had to date. And I can imagine it will not be easy for anything else to surpass it!

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