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Simming missions?

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I have often been curious about member's preferences for simming missions, meaning do they fly commercial pax aircraft, or cargo aircraft, GA or Microlights, Bizjets, etc?

I mainly fly Microlight missions if I want a short sim session to practice training for real flight lessons, my primary sim purpose.  But I also enjoy niche missions, especially in Xplane which I feel better models rotorcraft than P3D, I have a Gyro for it by VSkylabs that flies wonderfully like a gyro from the Pireps I have read by real life Gyro pilots, which proves to me that blade theory is a great way to model flight dynamics.  But I do not bash the MSFS/P3D flight model, for I have proven with my own trike here at Avsim that slow flight is possible and can be modeled perfectly, though it took me almost six months to get that flight model to match my real life trike flying experience and memory of trike handling.

I love flying twins in both sims on missions of 2-300 miles or so, such as up Owens Valley from Bishop to Reno, or Salt Lake to Reno, or Reno down to Vegas.  I love missions where the scenery changes the most, such as SFO to Reno where you go from the Pacific, over the Bay, over farmland, over foothills and alpine vistas, then into the stark desert.

I love flying biz jets and biz tprops like the Beech 200 in P3D or the single engine Pilatus in Xplane11.  I have the Epic in both P3D and Xplane11, an outstanding Tprop, so much fun to fly.

My endurance in simming is limited to about two hours because I like to fly real time and hand fly takeoffs, ascents in GA, approaches and landings in all forms of aircraft.  On every mission I manually set up variable wind speeds and random crosswind components so each approach is different from the last with unexpected twists, it is great for real life training because it helps me stay calm under challenge.  Microlight flying is especially prone to crosswind components and chop and is nerve wracking, with my CFI as my pax, I want to preserve his or her dignity, lol, when I am given control for landing.


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