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Hi guys,

i just noticed something odd whenever i apply reverse thrust. It tends to engage everytime the nose wheel touches the ground. I always press R (which is my reversethrust key) whenever my main wheels touches but there is a delay. Is this a PMDG bug or is there something i missed on the settings? 


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In a real jet, you pull the T/R levers back to reverse idle, and there's a mechanical interlock that prevents you from moving the lever any further back until the reversers have unlocked and fully opened.  So a delay is realistic, and it's most likely just coinciding with nosewheel contact by accident of timing during the landing.


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As Bob Scott has already said, this time delay is not a PMDG bug but rather realistic modelling. 

In Boeing aircraft such as the B744 it takes a few seconds after the reverse thrust levers are moved to the interlock position for the reversers to translate fully so that reverse thrust can be applied.  In addition it is also necessary for the aircraft's mainwheels to be on the ground; however there are a few notable exceptions to this (e.g. the British HS Trident), where it was also possible to select reverse thrust in flight. 

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