Overhead how can I simulate lights, gauges & displays sim to irl?

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After using over 500 hrs on flight simming on my computer I decided I kinda wanted a little change. I wanted to upgrade, so I wanted to make a homecockpit. Nothing too big but that’s not relevant. I’m currently working on making my overhead and I have a couple of questions.

1. In the overhead panel there are two displays that shows the flight level for cruise and the landing alt, how can I make that? Or do I have to buy it separately in that case can someone please give me a link?

2. The lights on the overhead and the announciators and stuff, how can I connect them to p3d? Is it possible to program it so that when the light in the sim flashes, it does the same IRL? If that’s how you do it please tell me what software I’m gonna use.

3. When you start the apu, it’s a gauge that moves if you know what I mean. If you turn on the apu, it says “low oil pressure” and then the pointer on the gauge moves to around 8 or something and then you know the apu is on, hope that was an accurate explanation. How can I make it so that if the pointer turns in the sim it turns in the irl cockpit as well? Is that possible? Or do I have to buy a separate gauge?

Im only 14 years old and I don’t have that massive budget, even though I’m not expecting this project to be under 1000$ I still can’t buy a cockpit for 100k. 😂. So cheap alternatives is always appreciated, thanks. 

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