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Custom made Sim Rig. Your thoughts.

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Evening all.

So, as I alluded to on other threads. I have sold on the Subaru car seat and frames with adjustable table that I have used for the last 6-7 years. I was fabricated in a workshop on the fly with a fiend who worked there, and a combination of tape measure, doodles, sweat and swearing resulted in the final configuration. It was used for a couple of careers schools days here on the Isle of Man, then used personally for the last 5 years being traipsed across Europe to Turkey in suitcases and back. The limitations of it got me thinking about the limitations of all commercially available sim rigs. Seat and yoke mount combos.

Weight. Steel is a pain. 

Portability. Yea, right.

Rigidity. Either too flexible or too heavy. 

Seat. Here's the daddy. An aircraft doesn't generally use a car seat. Lateral padding or bolsters look cool, but they're wrong. You can't slide in and out of the seat properly either.



My idea. A Modular set. Made from Alloy plate, reconfigurable and all parts within dimensions to fit into into a suitcase if needed.

I'll post more as days go on.


What I hope to have is a DWG set. On e for 1.5mm one for 2mm and one for 3mm. You get the DWG, get the local maetal shop to cut with a water jet the parts from sheet and then bond with epoxy some parts together, drill holes, fit nutserts, rivet a few parts and then get them all anodised or painted. Its a trim shop to made the cushions and cover, velcro to the seat base and back and then it's ready.


Sounds easy but ALL the hard work is in the design. It should all fit together and be very modular.

Thoughts please.

Mine will use Thrustmaster Warthog, Logitech and Brunner-Swiss controls. Other controls can be easily fitted if designed in. 


If the first one works as intended. I'll either make more or offer the designed parts in alloy or in drawing form. 

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Nice to have any comments on whether you all think I'm mad or what? The seat adjustment is occupying a lot of thinking capacity right now. Probably going ot go electric adjustment as it's actually easier to do it this way. Second hand 737 seats are about $15k right now so that isn't happening!!

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