Upgraded to Win10... ChasePlane wants to ensure I'm not a thief

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Hello OldProp... I'm sorry that my first post is a bit of a rant, but can you please make sure that your revenue protection systems do what they say they do and, if you can't, errr on the side of the customer?

I bought ChasePlane a week or so ago, running on Win7. I've also just ordered an Oculus VR thingymajig and, when running the hardware compatibility tester from Oculus, was informed I would need to upgrade to Win 10. Having specifically remembered that you allow 1 activation every three months, and knowing that I didn't want to "break" that rule, I chose an update (keeping files, apps and settings etc) to Win10 when I would much rather have performed a clean install.

As soon as I run P3D... ChasePlane tells me I'm not worthy. I then get taken to a page on your site that again tells me that an OS upgrade should not cause this issue... but it did.

I'm a software developer, have been for 30+ years. I hate the fact that people might want to rip off my software. However I have a rule that says if my software protection systems inconvenience just 1 paying customer then they are not fit for purpose and the people ripping off my software would probably never pay for it anyway. Now I'll go and perform a full,.clean install of Win 10 that I'd rather have done in the first place.

Rant over. Nice product by the way.

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Update.... in all fairness to OldProp, very soon after posting my "rant" they reset my activation. Although the activiation shouldn't have been broken, the pain and tears experienced (1st world problems eh) were kept to a minimum and it's only fair that I should say it was handled rather swiftly.

Thank you very much.

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