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Gary McCluskey

Why PAX load is too low?

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Lately I've started using "Little Navmap" because I think its great, but after some other problems I decided to rebuild my PC. The problem now is that GSX doesn't ask how many passengers to load, and it then goes to loads only 1 passenger - and you can tell in flight because of how light the aircraft is.

I suppose it's how you create a flight plan in Little Navmap - how do you say there how many passengers there are, but I can't see the setting?

I'd really appreciate some advice (it's Aerosoft's A320 Pro that I use, btw).


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How do I that? As far as I know GSX is started before I do anything other than starting the batteries.

Also, how do I load a "Load sheet" into MCDU? Where do I get it from?

Thanks, Gaz

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You have to use the external load manager application where you can put in fuel load/distance/etc (you can find it in your start menu under Aerosoft). Then in the options MCDU you can click on initiate loadsheet and start the boarding/instant boarding.

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I assume you mean the following screen when you talk about entering the load, etc?


If so, I always use it. I enter the details, click the Genenerate Loadsheet, go into P3D, turn on the load in MCDU, and the fuel loads properly , but nothing else. MCDU won't load the fuel, and GSX doesn't either.

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I actually had this issue for a while and couldn't figure out why GSX was not working properly. Then I figured it out: the 'full installer' installs a version of the Aerosoft Airbus that did not yet support GSX in that way. You have to use the Aerosoft Updater to update to the latest version, and that will also enable the GSX integration.

...which you already did 😉 But hopefully this will just enhance your understanding 🙂

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