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I was looking for the Balearic Islands for P3Dv4 because the old Aerosoft FSX ones don't work and I didn't feel like springing for the P3Dv4 Aerosoft versions.

Well, I downloaded the photoreal scenery from one of the familiar freeware websites and installed it.

It might look good from 30,000 feet but at the 2,000 to 5,000 AGL altitudes I fly they just don't cut it.  The 1 dimensional cities and towns look a lot like the patchwork quilt my mom made for my bed when I was a kid.  And 1 dimensional airplane shapes painted on the tarmac don't even make a bump when you taxi over them.

So I  opened my wallet and bought the new Aerosoft Mallorca, Ibizia and Manorca sceneries and I gotta say they are pretty nice.  Three dimensional buildings that you crash into instead of land on top of.

Having said that Antonio Mauirizio and Holger Sandman's Ozx Grand Canyon and Death Valley are superb and work well on my P3Dv4 system.  Photoreal for ground textures when they blend into the stock textures are pretty nice.  The only minor beef I have with Death Valley are too many trees in the Furnace Creek area.  I'm very familiar with Death Valley and have visited and hiked there quite a few times and the only trees at Furnace Creek are on the golf course.

But photoreal for cities and towns and parked aircraft on the tarmac are not for me.


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