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Aleksandar Susnjar

TomatoShade black aircraft, not URP

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Having trouble with TomatoShade and cannot find a solution in any forum thread anywhere. I do not have URP. I recreated my Shaders folder as well.

Aircraft look fine until/before TomatoShade profile is applied to them. When the profile is applied they look good in the reflection maker:



In P3D my settings are as follows:


When such aircraft is selected in P3D its livery flickers a bit then turns black even in preview (black inside sim). Aircraft to which TomatoShade is not applied display "fine" (i.e. not black):




Does anyone have any suggestions? I see many similar open/unanswered questions on forum. Seems to be a common issue.


Thanks for any help!

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Have you applied an actual tomatoshade profile? Not just reflection profiles.

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16 hours ago, itsjase said:

Have you applied an actual tomatoshade profile? Not just reflection profiles.

Well, now that you put it that way... maybe not. I clicked on the aircraft and it noted "Seems like this model has not been modified yet. To get started quickly, here are some options". I chose "Open a profile" and, when that was selected, I clicked "Save". Is there anything else I should do?


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Once you open a profile, you then need to apply it by clicking actions at the top, then apply preset.

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13 hours ago, itsjase said:

Not in reflectionmaker, in tomatoshade itself.

At first I didn't know what you are talking about as I was looking for options specific to the aircraft. I did find the "action" to "apply the preset" and it did something with some error entries listed in the log = suggestions to enable things. I did and reran. Now most of the aircraft is transparent and I see the interior - seats, etc.

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