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  1. This was pre HF2. Been working fine since the latest hotfix without the file replacement.
  2. I did something similar to ILS37, but just used my own d3dcompiler_47.dll located in c:\Windows\System32. I backed up the existing file in my p3d folder then I copied it from System32 into my P3Dv5 folder. I've since maxed out my texture resolution and EA cloud resolution and no issues now. Haven't had a device hung error since!
  3. I've made an interesting discovery, not sure if others can confirm/deny. But I only seem to get a crash if I've opened a 2d popup panel during my flight (Shift+1-9) It doesn't happen right away, eg. I might open a popup FMC before takeoff and then half an hour later I'll get a crash. But if I avoid opening the popup panels entirely I don't get any device_hung crashes.
  4. Can confirm this helped me fixed my issues. Still had crashes at 2048 textures and "High" cloud size. Setting textures to 1024 and cloud size to "Medium" I haven't had a crash since. All other sliders are pretty close to maxed out. RTX 2070 Super with 8GB VRAM for reference.
  5. Limiting frames, whether in sim, or externally, to something that isn't a multiple of your refresh rate, is going to induce stutters. If you have a 60hz monitor and aren't limiting it to 30, 20, or 15, then you might as well not use any frame limiting at all. Even if you can only hit 26fps limiting to 30 will give you a better experience, you'll be getting the same/less stutters but higher average framerates. You'll be getting steady stutters 2-3 times a second by locking to 26.
  6. The first 2 sliders in motion effects do exactly this.
  7. Ofcourse, but most stutters are usually caused by vsync and triple buffering.
  8. Nope no flickering. Just worked out of the box for me.
  9. Not in reflectionmaker, in tomatoshade itself.
  10. P3D already works with Gsync, this won't add anything. And yes it is amazing, no need to worry about capping frames or stutters. Just leave it on gsync+unlimited and get a smooth experience with no stutters or tearing
  11. Once you open a profile, you then need to apply it by clicking actions at the top, then apply preset.
  12. Have you applied an actual tomatoshade profile? Not just reflection profiles.
  13. Go into your keybinds and change all the menu item bindings to numpad. P3d sees the number row and numpad as different keys
  14. To be fair it's not just a "mediocre default plane", it's the IRIS Raptor Driver which used to be payware before LM included it in P3D.
  15. Should probably try and fly around the storms in the future.
  16. get reflection profiles from here, default ones probably arent up to date https://live-cockpits.weebly.com/
  17. https://web.archive.org/web/20180220074431/https://ultimaterealismpack.weebly.com/
  18. I leave my AS settings on normal and just deal with the occasional disconnect. It happens to me mostly when speedbrakes are extended
  19. There was information about this in another thread a while back. Something about calculating look ahead frames and keeping it loaded to prevent any throttling which could induce stutters
  20. This isn't very helpful but was just bugging me, Dubai only has one "b" in it.
  21. I think it's just how the scenery was made. Where they use photoreal textures for the whole apron including runway, which isn't as clear as just regular textures. I've noticed it in some of their other older sceneries too. Supposedly it was done like that due to shortcomings in the sim which have since been fixed.
  22. Have you removed the keybindings in P3D settings?
  23. There's an easier fix, before you enter vr just right click on the small white square and click undock panel.
  24. You need to set your zoom level in chaseplane. If you set it to 0.70 in chaseplane you can then right click and set that value as default, and also apply it to other views.
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