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  1. feh_pexoto


    claro, podem sim... inclusive MUITOS fumam por causa do estresse.
  2. Hey guys, I've FLAI models installed on my p3dv4.1 root folder, then I realized it was loading everytime I opened the sim, and it was taking too long to do it... So I figured it out and wanted to make like my IVAO models, where I installed on a different folder, so I can choose to load it or not using my simobjects.cfg. But how do I uninstall the FLAI models from the P3D root folder, to install it again on a different folder? Do I just have to delete all the "FLAI_..." folders from the simobjects folder, or do I have to delete from other places like "textures"? I know that when I install it again, I have to make another entry on the simobjects.cfg, but how can I delete all the files from the previous installation? Thanks in advance
  3. feh_pexoto

    URP v1.1 wanted dead or alive

    Oh geez, I saw this on Google and thougth it was a scam site... Gosh, you guys are amazing, thanks a lot!
  4. Hello folks! I'm Felipe, from Brazil, and I'm new in here. I've been trying to make my P3D more realistic, and have been adding lots of addons (FSGU_NG, ORBX, SF, PTA, ReShade, aircrafts, and so on...) Then, I saw this video below. I'm trying to reproduce it exactly like that. But unfortunately, it's based on URP v1.1 "lightroom.fx", which I just can't find a link do download. Can someone help me? PS: Pilot Pete, your presets are just great!
  5. Does URPv1.3 work on P3D v4.1? Thanks a lot!