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TrackBall Mouse issues with New P3DV4.5 HotFix & FSLabsBuild

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Hey Guys:

I'm having problems with my Kenningston Wireless trackball mouse, it has worked without any problems for the past 2x years with FSLabs but now it does not want to work properly after the download of the new P3DV4.5 HotFix & FSLabs Build. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, I've check the Kenningston website to see if there was an update but it's the same driver version 1.3.1. The issue I'm having is when I turn the setings knob on the FCU for instance altitude, or heading or speed it scrolls past 5K, then 10K, then 25K and I'm just scrolling the wheel one click. I've doubled checked the scroll settings in both windows 10 mouse settings and the trackball settings and still. I've tried so many things and can't seem to get it to scroll just one click at a time. When I uninstall the trackball driver and just use windows 10 mouse driver it works but I can't reverse the scrolling wheel to turn clockwise or counter-clockwise when turning the knobs to the right or left. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



CPU: iNTEL I7-7820X (3.60 Ghz) | Motherboard: Asus TUF X299 Mark 2 | RAM: Adata XPG-Z1 - DDR4-3000 Mhz - (32Gb) | GPU: MSI - GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming X- GDDR6 - 8Gb | SSDs: (1) Samsung 960 EVO-NVME.M.2 (500Gb - C:/ Drive Boot & WIN 10); (1) Samsung 850 Pro SSD (520Gb - E:/ Drive For Exclusive use of P3D v4.2); (1) Cosair Force GT SSD (120Gb - F:/ Drive For storing Add-Ons that don't have to be downloaded onto either E: or C Drives) | MONITORS: (1) Vizio 43" E-Series 4K-UHD Display | OS: Windows 10 - Home - 64-Bit | FLIGHT SIMS: Prepar 3D v4.4 | FSLabs Products Owned: A320-X & A319-x| WX: Active Sky P3Dv4 | Other Addons: Orbx Libraries, Vectors, Trees & Lights; RAASPRO; FSUIPC-5; 12bPilot-SODE; FSDreamTream GSX; Ultimate Traffic Live; Navigraph; REX Sky Force 3D; REX Soft Clouds, SimBriefs, ChasePlane, CH-Products (Yoke & rudders), Numerous Airport Sceneries from Aerosoft, Drzewiecki, MKStudios, Fly Tampa, Imaginesim, LatinVFR, Orbx, FSDreamTeam, Technobrain, FlightBeam Studios

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