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  1. Quck question - does anyone know what would be the proper installation of FSLabs A320-x onto P3D V4. what I mean is I have 2x separate SDD drives. I have only Windows 10 installed on my C:\Drive & I have only P3D v4 installed on my D:\Drive. I noticed that when clicking on the exe. file for FSLabs_A320X_P3D_xxx.exe. it automatically shows the C:\Drive location to install FSLabs - can I select to install FSLabs A320-x onto my D:\Drive? Thanks SimForLife
  2. SimForLife

    Proper Installation of FSLabs A320-x onto P3D V4

    Mwilk: Ok thanks I'll give it a try and see how it goes. SimForLife
  3. I remember somewhere in a forum about fixing an issue that occurs with CH Pro Pedals. I just purchased a new PC uploaded all softwares, add-ons, and everything is working fine except for the CH Pro Pedals. I've calbrated them using CH manager. This is the issue, after starting engines and releasing brakes I just need about 25% power for the airbus A320 to continue moving, however, as soon as I brake or moving the rudder the aircraft stops and I have to push power to about 38-40% to begin moving again. Never had this problem before. Thank You SImForLife
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    CH Pro Pedal Issue

    Hi pmanhart: I tried you suggestion still have the same issue. I tried recalibrating using your method and I played with the null zones in FSX going from one extreme (all the way to the left & all the way to the right) and I still get the same issue. And what is funning is I don't see the brake indicator that comes up on the screen in red on the lower left side yet the brakes get applied. Thanks, SimForLife