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A little off topic but worth knowing when it comes to sims

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In flying many times we want to perform stunts--loops, barrel rolls, stalls, etc.  My CFI was obsessed with showing off what G-Forces an aircraft could produce and/or weightlessness, although he flew within the law and within the limits of a non aerobatic training aircraft.  He did this so he could show me how to recover from spatial disorientation.  He led me thru a series of extreme maneuvers and then had me close my eyes, and immediately my head started spinning.  He wanted to teach me how to deal with spatial discomfort, often caused in sudden and unexpected chop. 

I know many pilots are like me, they like extreme sports or at least watching them, especially stunt flying when well performed by their country's air force or navy.  So I want to share this less than three minute video I made from No Limits 2, a Coaster Sim, just to show how to work and strengthen oneself thru spatial disorientation.  Watch the video, then close your eyes, and see if you can still sense the movement you just saw.  Some people can, some people can't, but it is worth conditioning oneself to upside down conditions, just in case in real life, you find yourself that way when flying.


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