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Plane floats 4 feet above the ground... sometimes

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Using P3Dv4.5 w/Hotfix.

When I create/start a new scenario (C172 @ KHQM), it starts with the plane sitting on the tarmac, spot view from behind the plane looking forward (I see the plane directly in front of me), and the scenario is Paused (hit P to resume).  I hit P to un-pause the scenario and the  plane instantly rises to about 4 feet above the ground, still parked (not moving).  I can taxi to the runway 4' above the taxiway and then take off.  When I land, I likewise "touch" the runway, but 4' above it. 

I recently installed of my ORBX sceneries onto this new PC using FTX Central.  I ran the Force Migration tool and the Fix Airport Elevation tool using the tool found in the Vector section of FTX Central. 

What am I missing?

Thanks much.


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