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Hot start TBM 900 networking issues

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Hi. I posted this is a other forum, where I was told basically that this aeroplane hasn't been coded to ever work on a networked PC, and it was suggested I try to reach out to the developers, here, to check this?

My original post:

Ok hoping someone can help me out here. 

So I've networked two pcs, one as master, (central screen) and one as slave (external visuals, left and right screens). No firewall.

Initially when I did it, x plane told me it only supported ipv6 protocol...so that took me ages to work out, but I got it going in the end. It was working, but terrible..the TBM 900 was fine on the master, but it wasnt sending proper signals to the slave, so flames were coming out of the engine, I was getting hypoxia and blacking out on slave screens (which sort of defies the purpose of triple screen set up, when two of them go black); it was telling me I hadn't removed the pitot tube covers (I had, on the master, but this wasnt registering on the slave), the g1000's were completely black on the slave screens, and it was telling me that the air conditioning wasnt on, when it was, I was dying in an engine fire (so the left and right screens turn red) etc etc (ALL on the slave machine only...the master was flying exactly as I controlled it, and instruments were fine). Then, when i tried to reassign my router from dynamic to static, to see if that was the problem, it all went belly up pretty quickly and I had to start again, resetting the router and taking hours to get back to where I started.

This time, x plane accepted ipv4 as a communication protocol no problems, but I STILL couldnt set up a static IP LAN, and EXACTLY the same problems flying the slave, as I describe above, still existed. 

I dont know how to add the screen photos of the settings I took on this website, everything looks fine in them apart from potentially the udp settings:

Port we receive on 49010

Port we receive on (legacy) 49000

Port we send from (legacy) 49001

On BOTH master, and slave pcs?

And also a notification stating both "external visuals machine, being directed by this master simulator" (on the master) and "this machines master simulator" (on the slave/external visuals machine) stating "sending  but not replying"

Pretty sure when tinkering in the "output" folder that I got the g1000 screens working on the slave screens under ipv6, but I have no idea what I did, anvil havent been able to replicate it again....not that I can get ipv6 working again, either.

Any advice here would be appreciated as I love this plane. It's the only plane i fly....

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