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Challenger II Light Sport over Prescott

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I found this nice free downloadable Challenger II made for Xplane 10 but which works fine in Xplane11.  Has a 3d panel too, although the Challenger panel is fairly simple, being a Light Sport aircraft.  The Challenger II can be found here--download version 1.3:


The CFI who signed off on my Light Sport student license owned a Challenger, but sadly lost it after an engine failure.  He and his passenger survived shaken but not hurt, but sadly when he landed on Lake Pleasant highway the port wing hit a road marker and crumpled.  That said, that is one advantage of a dope and fabric aircraft in a crash, they absorb the impact by crumpling like modern passenger cars and there is less metal to hurt the occupants.  I found out about his crash on the news...  I called him that evening and he gave me the details of the crash, this is a report of the incident:





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