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First many thanks for this simply fantastic tool!

I made a performance record for Manfred Jahn´s DC-3 and it gave me the results for the needed amount ov Avgas, but for unknown reasons it calculates the relation of volume (liters) and weight (kg) with the factor 0.07 instead of 0.7 (or as said in Wikipedia 0.73 to 0.75): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ubbvi7thjrsg3ui/LNV Fuel.JPG?dl=0

Did I misconfigure that somewhere (and where is that accessible?) or is it a bug?

Regards Rainer

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Hi Alex,

THX for instant reply. Checked it, makes no difference. I now realized the following behaviour equal in both versions: The bug only appears when I switch to Fuel and Weight: Liter/Kilogram (l, kg) under Tools/Options AND switch to Volume (liter) in Edit Aircraft Performance. As soon as I switch to Weight (kg) there, the values for the weight multiply by 10 and are o.k.

Regards Rainer

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Hallo Rainer,

thanks for the report. I can reproduce this here. Just have to switch to volume in the edit dialog. See below.

*sigh* I thought I had everything fuel related fixed...

Viele Grüße



Fuel Plan

Trip Fuel:

87 lbs, 14 gal (4 kg, 55 l)

Block Fuel:

313 lbs, 52 gal (14 kg, 198 l)
27 % of usable Fuel

Fuel at Destination:

221 lbs, 37 gal

Alternate Fuel:

23 lbs, 4 gal

Reserve Fuel:

198 lbs, 33 gal

Taxi Fuel:

6 lbs, 1 gal

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