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hi all 

i now have 3 projectors and am using warpelizer with curved screens.

all is well on that score but.....

i have just bought a triple head matrox unit to run either 2 or 3 screens on the mip 

how do i run the instrument screens as well as the projector screens ??on the sam sim p3d v4 


its a tricky one 



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I used to have a similar setup to what you describe... had 2 video cards with 2 outputs each.  

Video card A had the TH2Go running 3 external monitors for outside forward view, plus one monitor for instruments.

Video card B had two more monitors for instruments. It was low spec compared with card A.

Each flight I undocked the 2d instrument panels and dragged them onto the 3 monitors used for instruments.   The external view was outside view only, no instruments.

This is still how I fly but now with a 65" TV rather than 3 monitors and TH2Go.  I'm flying the PMDG aircraft (737, 747, 777) mostly.

What isn't working for you?






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