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  1. ThIs confirms my worst fears,im using xplane 11 and the zibo to run in my sim. i to am to old to bother with assigning blooming data refs! and go to this menu,do that, then close that, then restart.......ive paid good money for this unit (i wonder if the money i have given them still works hmmmm..)any way i have spent a whole year getting my sim up and running only to be stumped by 1 unit!!! the goflight mcp ....pro???? what does pro mean? maybe pro at not working to configs you load in via pollypocket. I dont want to sell it because basically it doesnt work properly can i ask, what are the open cockpits mcp's like? i mean does it work? do they work well on xplane 11? if they do ill go for that instead of this unit , i think the only good thing i can do with this is to strip it down and use the LED segments for another unit. such a shame ok rant over lol
  2. well im flummoxed yet again☹️ my sim is looking the part now 

    everything done apart from the electronics and dials to activate with a myriad of cards.

    so i came to the point of switching the ole pc on in order to get some warping done,on the curved screen ive been working on.

    i set up the warpelizer test page,and proceeded to make a good job of setting it up, (amazingly) all was going swimmingly until i ran p3d v4 and to my horror!!! it was only showing the warping that i had painstakingly done on on 1 projector, whilst the others decided to show me an unwelcome message of no signal grrrrr.

    i feel this is in the p3d program itself because when i exit p3d the other 2 projectors spring back into life 


    can anyone help please as this is now getting silly??


    i would appreciate any ideas ? cheers


    kind regards 





  3. im running the usual p3dv4.5 and have been getting down because i cant seem to get it so ill ask perhaps again i have 1 pc only i have a 1050 i think! and all i need to know is how when i have the curved screens, all that is fine and running on a single pc how in the name of all things good !!do i get the same computer running the internal instrument screens? , could someone please walk me through how to do it ? i would appreciate it
  4. Hi Mike thanks for the reply ive got the 3 matrox outputs which will go to the curved screens and have only 1 computer but and this is the big but i have a graphics card that has several outputs i think its a 1050 gtx or summit so i was wondering because the outside monitor pictures will be warped . is it possible to use 2 different monitors from different gc outputs from the same card to use as the internal mip panels which are not warped? if you see what i mean or do i buy a new pc and use the network method?? cheers paul
  5. hi all i now have 3 projectors and am using warpelizer with curved screens. all is well on that score but..... i have just bought a triple head matrox unit to run either 2 or 3 screens on the mip how do i run the instrument screens as well as the projector screens ??on the sam sim p3d v4 its a tricky one cheers
  6. Tried this link yesterday and it works many thanks p
  7. Hi all this question has proberbly been asked a thousand times i have been on thistopic all week so far and can find nothing on the forums or net ] does p3d have its own warp program for 2 projectors and2 screens because im at my witts end trying to figure out whats going on .if not im looking for a warping program that wont mean me getting a loan out been in touch with a couple of companies today and they all say hey aits over a grand forour warping software ...i must admit im loosing faith in this build if i cant get a decent wp ..i would appreciate any help please ...
  8. thank you that cleared it, it was under navigation in the gps menu many thanks much appreciated paul
  9. ah yes that sound like ill give it a try many thanks
  10. Hello all i need some help ive either activated something on p3d but whenever i fly i see big massive blocks to ,i think denote areas you pass through some of then blue others white any ideas on how to turn these off cheers paul
  11. Hi all hope you all ok just a quick one i. Finished the frame for the windows for my 737 800 and was wondering what materials do you all use for your main windows i guess its gotto be easily cuttable any recomendations would be appreciated cheers paul
  12. Hi yes windowed definatly so you can drag the gps and flight visual screens
  13. yes indeed i have ,i tried it on minimum screen res it works fine on 1 projector and it was fine but it's the stretching it to 2 projectors thats where fsx started to show mw a black edge etc. but the odd thing is using p3d v4 was fine it worked perfect on 2 screens so i goto make a decision
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