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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Master the Experience Boo...

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Hi all, I am new to the group, well, I was a member a few years back, just sort of drifted away and forgot old login. I ordered FS X Deluxe version and also Book "Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Master the Experience" via Amazon about two weeks ago, FWIW, the book has dropped a few bucks in price since then, from 16.49 to 13.59. I still have the 321 page book that came with FS2000 (although FS2000 Program not a good version IMO). FS2002 Professional worked much better, but didn't include a book. I assume FS2004 didn't either, my pc was too slow at that time for 2004, so I nevered purchased FS2004. I still find the included FS2000 book useful, as you can read it offline and anywhere. Also, I still have my old Desktop Wings Charts of the Contential US for Flight Sim I purchased back in 1999 or so, They are still useful, as VOR freqs don't change very often. Guess including a printed manuals/charts with FS has become a thing of the past, although I am sure the printer/cartridge manuf. are quite happy.Latest FSX Demo version some pointed out runs pretty well on my machine. A better GPU purchase next year may help also.Flt300ZDell Pentium 4 D 3.0Ghz1.5GB RAM DDR2 533Dell 19" FP1907 Digital Flat PanelATI Radeon X600 (update later after DX10)

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