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  1. >I don't really think the prices have dropped that fast! There>are only the 8800 cards and the new ATI cards that are true>DX10.>>JimCheck out:http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....And&Pagesize=50There are 5 or 6 PCIe DX10 cards listed in the 75-100 dollar price range. I wonder how good they are?Flt300z
  2. Also as a side note, early speculation was that all DX10 cards would be very expensive, at least 500 dollars or more. A quick search over at newegg.com shows many DX10 cards in the 75-100 dollar range. I have a ATI X600 PCIe card (DX9), and am thinking about upgrading my card in the near future. I wonder if there is any reason not to get a DX10 card (in 75-150 dollar range), instead of a DX9, even though I will be running WinXp Pro with it for a while. The main reason I am thinking of upgrading video card, is so I can run AF and AA higher in FSX. ATI X600 will only support about 2x, then everything slows down too much if higher. Sorry if this should be in the HW Forum.Flt300ZDell Pentium D 3.0Ghz1.5GHZ DDR2 533 Memory160GB SATA 30/Gb/s19" Dell FP1907 MonitorATI X600 Graphics
  3. I am also having skip/stutter (I did full-re-install). Frame rates are up. The stuttering seems worse than Pre-Sp1, and after I did a defrag, even worse again. I get stutters/pauses in level flight, ground is either stuttering, micro-stuttering, or even stops for like 1 sec. Stutters/stops worse in turns or during landing (before touchdown), which makes sense. I have turned down options quite low, and turned autogen completely off. Very little if any stutter change.I am thinking about going back to Pre-SP1, just to see. Has anyone tried the "remove SP1 patch" in the add-remove programs. I may try that, just to see if I am remembering wrong, and stuttering was similar before SP1. Then, in thoery, just "re-appy" SP1 patch, if I want to return to SP1, right, LOL. BTW, my hat is off to ACES, I know they worked their b*tts off on this patch, and some folks are having great great results. Actually, if I skip the big Airports, I was happy Pre-Sp1, I may go back to that till I get a better vid card or a better system.Flt300zDell Pentium D 3.0Ghz1.5GB DDR2 MemoryATI X600 Video Card160GB WD SATA 3.0GB/s19" Dell FP1907
  4. The 7.4 cats was the version that AA didn't work for me. I went back to the 7.1, it worked for my X600- I haven't tried the cat 7.2 or 7.3 versions.
  5. >>>Could it be hardware related? I'm have an Radeon X1300 Pro>>with 7.4 Catalysts.>>>>Chris>>I'll answer my own question... I found the source, at least I>think I did. When I turn AA on in the game and turn it off in>the CCC the FPS drops off considerably in VC (2D is fine). >When I use AA from the CCC only, FPS is very consistent>(around 30 fps - locked @ 30) in VC. The crappy thing is that>using AA through CCC doesn't look that great even if I go up>to 6X AA.>>Why is that?>>Chris>I have a ATI X600 card. I notice the same thing you mention. I had to go to an earlier version of Catalyst to get the AA (set in Card Software), to work in FSX. I am not sure if this started with SP1, or is the later ATI CC's. I notice the download size are smaller for versions after the ATI January version. I used the earlier version released in Jan 2007 at ATI site, and it works. On the latest CCC (Apr 2007), I could set the AA to 6X and run FSX and it did pretty much nothing, jagged lines everywhere. Setting AA in FSX caused too much stuttering and performance hit for my PC/Video card combo. I need to get a better video card.Dell PentiumD 3.0GHZ1.5GB DDR2 MemoryATI X600 Video19"Dell FP1907 Monitor
  6. >I installed SP1 and now I launch and get the splash screen>for awhile as it appears as FSX is loading, and then the spash>screen disappears and FSX won't launch??? No Errors display. >It is like FSX just exits??>>Any ideas?>>Thanks!I had that happen pre-SP1. I had to delete (or rename) fsx.cfg, so that FSX restart would create a new one.Flt300zedit- I corrected "fsx.config" to "fsx.cfg" in aboveFlt300z
  7. This link explains how to convert the default FS2004 aircraft to FSX. It works, I did it for all.http://www.flightsimulatorguide.com/fs9-to-fsx.htmFlt300Z
  8. In the first execution (after install of free version), it runs a GUI that requires you to enter your name and passord for DUAT. Since I dont have one, (and can't register for one, it requires a Pilot Certificate Number or Student Medical Number), so, I can't do the "next" in this GUI, and have to do "cancel". The program ends, and ask for the same when re-started. Oh well, like others, I am waiting for fsnavigator update one day soon.thanks anywayFlt300z
  9. I downloaded and installed the free version you mention (at SeattleAvionics.com), but it seems to require a duat account and PW to use it(https://www.duat.com/). Since I am not a Pilot or Student, I could not get it to work. Any suggestions?Flt300z
  10. You may want to run "chkdsk /f" also. Assuming you are using WindowsXP, look in "Accessories" menu for "Command Prompt". Type in "chkdsk /f" and answer that you want to run the check disk fix program on next re-boot. You may have something messed up in the NTFS.Flt300Z
  11. I decided to purchase the GPS pack. If anyone wants to look at some screens shots I attempted, they are over in the avsim pictures folder at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...54192&mode=full
  12. Do you know if you can use the GPS (and other avionics) that came with the Friendy 172 you purchased in other planes, for instance use the Friendly GPS's in the FSX default planes?
  13. Thnaks. Did you get the (earlier) GPS package or the Cessna 172/182 package? The GPS's look like they add the ability to "pan" the map, which I think will be quite useful. If the GPS in the 172/182 package are the same as the GPS only package (and are re-usable on other planes), then I was thinking of getting the 172/182 package.
  14. has anyone tried these GPS from Friendlypanels fopr FSX? I am thinking about buying them.http://www.friendlypanels.net/htm/gps_detail.htmAlso, if the GPS in the Cessna 172/182 pack (below link) is re-usable on other planes, I may just get it. Anyone else used these? http://www.friendlypanels.net/htm/c1x2collec.htmFlt300z
  15. Anyone else notice you can't tune the upper numbers in the virtual cockpit for the Airbus. Applies for Comm, NAV and ADF freqs. For instance try to use mouse on the radio knob(s) to tune 123.450- you can tune the .450 part, but the mouse never allows focus to tune/change the 123. (upper) part. The 2D cockpit seem to work.Flt
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