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Wiring up Poteniometers for TPM

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I'm currently building some of my own switches, and hardware using the GSA-010 board from Flight Illusion.

First, I'd like to say how much I appreciate using the GSA-010 board has been from Flight Illusion. I was able to wire up my switches and LEDs without any hassle, and it works great with the FI G-Step configurator software. Support from Flight Illusion has also been second to none, and my preferred go to source for flight sim panel gear.

I'm now working on wiring up a few potentiometers (both slide and rotary). The slide pots are used for my TPM, and am currently testing on 20k and 50k slide pots. However, when I wire them up to the board, and running the test, I'm getting approximately 0-1000 input from one side of the slider to the middle, then the middle and to the other side goes from 1000 to 1023. I'm getting the same results on both slide pots tested. I've tried adjusting my potentiometer slide limits (negative, zerocross, positive), but have not had much luck.

Does anyone know why the second half of the slider is not balanced with the first half of the input values? Ideally, I'd like a balanced progression from 0 - 1023 (-4096 - 16384) across the slider. I welcome any tips on wiring slide pots.

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I would try both a pull up and a pull down resistor as you can get floating values on some hardware without them. 

If that doesn't work it may be a damaged wire, (when you increase the voltage with the pot it needs to reach a certain point to jump the gap), possibly a reason for this behaviour also.

I'm not sure if your using a multimeter or not to test it, but if your not then buy one, you'll need it, use that to test the output physically. 

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