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  1. I've voted on Asobo's MSFS 2020 forum for RXP support on Christi's thread, and said my piece. @RXP, I hope you get some traction. I fully support your software and am continuously hopping on these threads to look for updates. I'm shocked that Asobo hasn't thrown more support behind making the development support easier for RXP. Keep fighting the good fight, I look forward to the day when this is all behind us.
  2. I think you sort of indirectly answered my question for me. I was focusing too much on the RXP configs, and not the P3D panel configs. This is what was currently configured for the RXP in the C172 panel directory: [Window06] size_mm=100,100 window_pos=0.000000,0.000000 window_size=0.119629,0.167057 visible=1 always_visible=1 zorder=99 background_color=0,0,0 ident=15531 gauge00=rxpGNS2!GNS_530_1, 0, 0,100,100,NO_BEZEL I changed the window_size to 1.000, 1.000, but unfortunately it's showing the same window size prior to the panel configuration change, and needs to be manually resized each time.
  3. For a long time, I was able to save the RXP GNS 530 window/panel size so when I started my flight, the RXP window was full size in it's own display monitor. Now, I have to continuously adjust the RXP panel size each time I begin a flight. Is there a configuration option somewhere which can start the panel in full size/screen mode, or any other advice on how to fix this?
  4. I'm really looking forward to when RXP does provide MSFS 2020 support. I've purchased and installed MSFS 2020, but am reluctant to use it until the GNS 530 unit is fully supported by RXP. It's just not the same when all my hardware is in working order but my GPS display. For now, I will patiently wait and continue to use P3Dv5.
  5. I'm currently building some of my own switches, and hardware using the GSA-010 board from Flight Illusion. First, I'd like to say how much I appreciate using the GSA-010 board has been from Flight Illusion. I was able to wire up my switches and LEDs without any hassle, and it works great with the FI G-Step configurator software. Support from Flight Illusion has also been second to none, and my preferred go to source for flight sim panel gear. I'm now working on wiring up a few potentiometers (both slide and rotary). The slide pots are used for my TPM, and am currently testing on 20k and 50k slide pots. However, when I wire them up to the board, and running the test, I'm getting approximately 0-1000 input from one side of the slider to the middle, then the middle and to the other side goes from 1000 to 1023. I'm getting the same results on both slide pots tested. I've tried adjusting my potentiometer slide limits (negative, zerocross, positive), but have not had much luck. Does anyone know why the second half of the slider is not balanced with the first half of the input values? Ideally, I'd like a balanced progression from 0 - 1023 (-4096 - 16384) across the slider. I welcome any tips on wiring slide pots.
  6. I'm in the midst of wiring up everything for my c172 trainer. Gauges are installed, GPS is up, TRC radio control board in the mail, and my Brunner yoke comes in on Monday. I still need to wire the switches and sliding pots which will be done once I get a couple FI extender boards delivered. Everything seems to be lining up. However, I would like to protect the rear side of the dash panel, and was wondering if anyone has come up with any ingenious solutions on their own build? For the top, I would need something that is flexible enough for the top trim, and have been leaning towards foam board, and possibly using that material for the back as well (surrounding the yoke base), and have wood providing the strength and support for the panel frame. Any materials that I should also stay away from that might induce electrical shock that might be easily missed when today's building supplies?
  7. UPDATE: So thankful for @DavidP's write up found here: This solved my issues, and would be nice if emuteq.com updated their documentation with this post.
  8. For context, I'm running P3D v4.4.16, and RXP Garmin GNS 530. RXP.INI and/or RXPGNS.INI did not exist in C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\Common\Settings, so I created the Settings sub-folder, and added both INI's (since the install instructions mention both filenames), and added keyboard mapping to there. [KEYBOARD] 530_CONTRAST_INC=win+y 530_CONTRAST_DEC=win+z 530_CONTRAST_RESET= 530_POW=win+s 530_COMFLIP=win+q 530_NAVFLIP=win+w 530_CDI=win+F9 530_OBS=win+v 530_MSG=win+F13 530_FPL=win+a 530_PROC=win+F2 530_NAV=win+c 530_DTO=win+F3 530_MNU=win+F4 530_CLR=win+F5 530_ENT=win+F14 530_RANGE_INC=win+h 530_RANGE_DEC=win+i 530_LKNOBO_L=win+j 530_LKNOBO_R=win+k 530_LKNOBI_L=win+F6 530_LKNOBI_R=win+F7 530_LKNOBPUSH=win+n 530_RKNOBO_L=win+o 530_RKNOBO_R=win+F8 530_RKNOBI_L=win+F10 530_RKNOBI_R=win+F12 530_RKNOBPUSH=win+F11 530_EXPORTFPL= 530_SWAPRADIOS=win+F15 FSUIPC5.INI (P3 being GNS 530) (buttons 1-6 omitted in paste as they are for different hardware) [Buttons] PollInterval=25 ButtonRepeat=20,10 7=P3,12,K81,40 -{Key press: win+Q}- 8=P3,0,K83,40 -{Key press: win+S}- 9=P3,1,K83,40 -{Key press: win+S}- 10=P3,13,K87,40 -{Key press: win+W}- 11=P3,2,K89,40 -{Key press: win+Y}- 12=P3,3,K90,40 -{Key press: win+Z}- 13=P3,7,K75,40 -{Key press: win+K}- 14=P3,6,K74,40 -{Key press: win+J}- 15=P3,5,K118,40 -{Key press: win+F7}- 16=P3,4,K117,40 -{Key press: win+F6}- 17=P3,14,K78,40 -{Key press: win+N}- 18=P3,16,K120,40 -{Key press: win+F9}- 19=P3,17,K86,40 -{Key press: win+V}- 20=P3,18,K124,40 -{Key press: win+F13}- 21=P3,19,K65,40 -{Key press: win+A}- 22=P3,20,K67,40 -{Key press: win+C}- 23=P3,21,K113,40 -{Key press: win+F2}- 24=P3,10,K119,40 -{Key press: win+F8}- 25=P3,11,K79,40 -{Key press: win+O}- 26=P3,8,K123,40 -{Key press: win+F12}- 27=P3,9,K121,40 -{Key press: win+F10}- 28=P3,15,K122,40 -{Key press: win+F11}- 29=R3,27,K72,40 -{Key press: win+H}- 30=R3,26,K73,40 -{Key press: win+I}- 31=P3,25,K114,40 -{Key press: win+F3}- 32=P3,24,K115,40 -{Key press: win+F4}- 33=R3,23,K116,40 -{Key press: win+F5}- 34=P3,22,K125,40 -{Key press: win+F14}- 35=P3,29,K126,40 -{Key press: win+F15}- Cessna (non-A2A) panel.cfg gauge00=rxpGNS2!GNS_530_1,-29,-12,155,150 I have cleared all command shortcuts from P3D control options, and am strictly using a registered copy of FSUIPC5.
  9. I've also tried the following, and still no luck: Disabled Windows Hot Key Shortcuts, and reverted to default install commands (using 'win +', instead of custom 'shift +'). Type gpedit in the Search and then click Edit group policy. (This will open Local Group Policy Editor). Navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > File Explorer. In the right-side pane, look for Turn off Windows + X hotkeys and double click on it. Check Enabled and click OK. Restart the computer to make the settings take effect. Disabled UAC and ran P3D as administrator. Also added [KEYBOARD] RXP ini settings into the aircraft RealityXP.GNS.INI file (trying everything here that I can think of). Still no luck. @RXP I've sent you a PM, maybe there's something you know that I haven't tried yet?
  10. I've also updated the thread that @Simicro mentioned, and have put a hold on A2A products until they can integrate RXP GPS.
  11. I've been trying to install the RXP GNS 530 software to map to the hardware buttons. I've read a few posts online that there have been issues doing this with Win10 since it already has win+{key} functions mapped to Window programs. After noticing that the default install instructions have failed regarding the button mapping, I've tried remapping the buttons in FSUIPC.ini to use 'shift' instead of 'win', plus changed the win+F13-F15 shortcuts to be shift+3-5 since my keyboard doesn't have the F13-F16 keys. Nothing has worked, and has rendered my GNS 530 hardware buttons useless. Has anyone successfully mapped the RXP GNS 530 buttons to work with the hardware? I'm at my wits end after spending the day trying to figure this out... Is my only working option to downgrade to Windows 7??
  12. It is native to 4096x2160 if I make the 4k TV my main default monitor. If I use my ultrawide 34" as my main default, P3D only shows 3440x1440 as max resolution on my 4k. My 4k TV is a 43" LG UHD Smart TV.
  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I didn't save as a default flight, shutdown P3D, then restart with the default Maule. That absolutely did the trick! I haven't switched back to the A2A Cessna yet, but the Maule does indeed allow for the 4096 texture setting to be applied, and saved!
  14. I am using CYSE from OrbX which is a free airport near my area (https://orbxdirect.com/product/cyse) and cycle between airports that are P3D default, such as CYVR. I'm also using REX Worldwide Airports HD add-on.
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