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NVIDIA 8800 STS and SLI ?

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BTW, nobody ever answered what SLI is. It is my understanding that SLI is a method allowing a user to take two video boards and have the system look at them as a single video card. It first appeared quite a few years ago when the nVidia Voodoo2's came out, it lost favor for a while and returned recently. The idea is that you could double your throughput by using two graphics processors. Of course the gains aren't that great, but, if written for (and there are many ways to do this), you can get significant gains over current technology cards.I've heard conflicting reports on whether FSX supports SLI. Some people have said it works for them, others not. The original word from ACES was that it wouldn't be supported, but, in reality, I think they said that because it was basically untested, and, as far as I know (and I don't know much), not much development resource was spent thinking about it (relative to other development tasks). Even though they are part of Microsoft, they have the same budget and manpower limits as everybody else, and have to pick and choose what they spend their time on. When we were at the Avsim conference, the development team there attempted to do a test of FSX on an SLI box. I'm not sure what the results of that test were. And of course there are quite a few users here who have the setup.Thomas[a href=] [/a]I like using VC's :-)N15802 KASH '73 Piper Cherokee Challenger 180

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