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BIG Lesson learned with FSX and Traffic files. READ!!!!!!!

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Hello Gang!Over the last several weeks, I have gone through what most would call "Absolute ####" with FSX. I have de-installed, re-installed, tweaked, re-tweaked, posted in this forum requesting help, etc, etc, etc, to no avail. My original FSX installation was actually working allright from the beginning (except for the well known perfomance issues everyone experiences with this thing), with no major problems unitl several weeks ago, when I was going through the process of activating/transferring my traffic from FS2004 to FSX. I went through the painful process of adding airline by airline using TTools and everything was pretty much getting installed and working as planned, UNTIL, I decided to do a flight originating at TJSJ one day and Baaaammm!!!!! CTD's, Dump to Desktop, Windows Errors - you name it.After a lot of investigating work, I determined that the issue only happened at a particular time of the day (around noon time in TJSJ). I went through the painful process of taking one airline at a time, compiling, re-launching FSX, checking for the error, a thousand times, until I finally got to the point where I did not get the error message anymore. I went back and re-installed the traffic pack for (UsAirways), which was the last pack I took out, re-compiled, ran FSX, and BAaaamammm. I then realized the problem was related to my USAirways flightplans. I de-compiled the Traffic file, and checked every aircraft model under the USAirways list of aircraft and found out that my 767-200's in the aircraft.cfg file had the wrong name for the airfile to use. As soon as I corrected the airfile name in the 767-200 aircraft.cfg file, life was good again.Moral of the story! FSX is very unforgiving, unlike FS2004 (at least in this department). Don't let FSX kick your butt! - look around before you embark in de-installing and re-installing and cursing life - there will be a period or a comma or a semi-colon somewhere that will make you hate life with this thing.Hope this helps someone out there!Sincerely,Dennis D. Mullert

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