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For a while, there seemed to be large numbers of flightsim videos with background music being posted at file libaries. One notable library even started a new wesbite to cater for it. Then, seemingly quite suddenly, that website ceased & enquiries to them hasn't resulted in any answers.1. Am I correct in thinking that anyone who uses background music in a home made flight sim video is breaking copyright - even though they may have paid for the original music?2. If so, is this aspect of the hobby died off or are simmers just posting them on their own servers & hoping they don't get noticed?(While I fully support copyright measures, it seems quite a shame that what is a very entertaining & often artistic aspect of our hobby won't blossom due to excessive pressure on small groups of home users by the recording groups while certain countries appear to have illegal industries with apparent impunity, or at least ineffectual policing. There, that's my rant done with!)So, is it a copyright problem or is there a way through this?Peter

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1) depends on the music, there is a volume that's released into the public domain (and you can of course record (or have recorded) your own)2) like most things it was a fad and it ended. The legal position might have played a part in that, but most likely it died out like most other things do (and I somewhat wish the entire AI aircraft and flightplans hype would have died out years ago, who needs hundreds of new AI aircraft a week?).

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