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SimOn Solutions 737 Compact Trainer & Review

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This my 737 setup and review of my SimOn Solutions B737 Compact Trainer Premium


SimOn Solutions is in Warsaw Poland with the exception on FDS I have not found anyone in the US/NA that offers FS setups.


I looked at several companies


Jet Max (now located overseas)



Open Cockpit

SimOn Solution

Prices ranged from $17k USD up to $90k USD


I spent a good 10 months researching which one I prefer I really wanted to go with a full-size dual sim, but I did not have the room for it in my office. I decided that the single seat was the way to go the other side would get used maybe 1-2 times a year if even that. The Single seat offered the best option.

The choices came down to Agronn and SimOn Solutions. I had seen several videos from SimOn Solutions promoting the Compact trainer and I really liked the setup everything was very functional. It was hard to find info or videos from Agaronn or reviews on the hardware from them. SimOn Solutions was prompt on replies and provided plenty of information on their setup and offerings.

I decided in early November 2021 that I was ready to move forward with SimOn Solutions. My point of contact was Simon again very prompt always answering my questions.

I was given the option of payment via wire transfer and PayPal (add 4% for PP fees) I opted for the wire transfer after talking with several SimOn Solutions customers.

My cost was $17,700 USD shipped for the following


B737 Desktop Simulator PREMIUM Plug&Play

B737 Overhead Panel (Forward) Plug&Play

ADD Military Switch for OVH 28 units

IRS PANEL on OVH Forward

Frame V2

B737 Rudder Pedals Plug&Play

B737 MAX Throttle Quadrant (Motor) Plug&Play

License SimON Solution for P3D + PMDG (MIP + OVH)

DHL shipping

I sent my 1st deposit (50%) 12/6/21 it was received 24 hours later. I was told 4-12 weeks for the sim barring any supplier issues. My 1st photos of the sim building progress were sent to me 1/20, , the next batch was 2/17 when you could see real progress, and my final set of photos 3/21 with the sim being packaged for shipment. I was my sim shipped from Warsaw Poland on 3/23/22 and arrived 3/25/22 in 5 boxes/crates via UPS everything arrived intact no visible signs of damage to the packaging.

The MIP was shipped in a wooden box well packaged

The Throttle was shipped in the CFY box well packaged

The desktop and OH stand packaged in a wooden box well packaged

The rudder pedals shipped in a wooden box well packaged

The overhead (OH) shipped in a well packaged box

All power cords, HDMI, and USB cables are provided.


You will need to order the following items (I used Amazon it offered same day shipping with Prime)


Qty-3 US Plus Adapters (European to US Plug) I ordered 2 2-packs as I needed another for my wet compass.

Qty- 1 USB to Ethernet adapter for the CFY throttle unit

Qty- 2 USB to HDMI adapter (this is for the MIP and my main monitor)

Qty-1 USB C to HDMI for a second external monitor

I began getting my office ready the day before I had everything moved out and the new base floor laid down ready for the sim.

Upon arriving home, it was time to unloading and unpacking. SimOn solutions tech person sent me the pdf files for the (MIP, rudder pedals, throttle, and the frame two days before so I had them ready for the setup.

I unboxed the MIP, and overhead to make sure I did not see any damage, followed by the throttle unit. I then started on the frame as that was a lot of pieces It took a while to unwrap all the parts for the frame.

The frame was the most time-consuming unwrapping the bubble wrap and lining up all the pieces I stopped around 1am to call it a night. I started back up around 6am to finish the frame followed by mounting the overhead and installing the MIP. Once these were done, I put together the rudder pedals, unboxed the throttle unit and installed the trim wheels.

I positioned the desk to where I wanted and lined up where I wanted to mount the single 45” monitor to the wall.

The next step was to move the computer back and begin hooking everything back up. It was time to power up the overhead and the MIP to make sure we had power, and it was working. The moment of truth in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, we have power, and everything was working (power up).

Next step was to position the rudder pedals, and the 737 yoke (I already had a yoke) once in a good location it was time to mount the yoke to the base floor.

Next up was configuring the CFY Gold 737 Max motorized throttle quad. The program is very easy to follow the step-by-step guide and watch the throttles calibrate themselves. It’s impressive going from the Jetmax 737 throttle unit to the CFY motorized throttle.

SimOn Solutions tech person Lucas had me get everything setup, power up and we would schedule a time for him to remote into my computer and get the sim setup with P3Dv5.

Due to my work schedule I setup the following Saturday (early 3am EDT) for Lucas to log in and begin his setup and configuration of the hardware.

The setup consisted of touching each button and switch to make sure the hardware matched the movements in P3Dv5 and the PMDG 737 NGXu.

It took about 4-5 hours for them to get everything configured and running 99% we run into an issue with the wheel well light switch on the overhead not linking with P3D, and the fixed landing light toggle switch (right side) to link with P3d. Lucas said be had a feeling that the wire came off during shipping, but he would get with Simon just to check.

I decided to pull the overhead down unscrew the backing and sure enough upon opening I saw two wires not connected. One wire for each of those switches came off a quick 5-minute solder job and I was up and running 100%.  

We had an issue with the AP and an issue with the landing gear lights and flap gauge lights illuminating 40% of the flights. After a few emails of logs SimOn Solutions tech support found two double entries in the configuration that caused the issue. The good thing is they did not need to log into my PC they were able to check the configuration on their end and located the issue. Since then, everything has been perfect.

The SimOn solutions app is launched from your computer it logs into the SimOn Solutions servers. The only downside to this is if you have no internet or the SimOn Solutions servers are down you cannot use the hardware. I have reached out to Simon from SimOn Solutions to see if they can offer it to be hosted on the local machine. So far, I have only had one instance that the SimOn Solutions server was down, and I was unable to fly.

As of this writing I have over 100 hours flying the SimOn 737 setup close to 70 hours on Vatsim. everything has been flawless since the last update to the configuration file.  

You might be asking why I choose SimOn Solutions for my flight sim needs. Well, it comes down to pricing, communication, and customer feedback. Since the day I inquired to the day I sent the deposit Simon has been in constant communication. We chat back and forth about simming as well as other things. The customer intimacy is important with a purchase like this. Many times, as customers we feel that once we send money the contact stops. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again in the future they offer an excellent product at very reasonable prices, the tech support is excellent as well as the customer service.

The quality is top notch no cheap plastic 3D printed stuff. I would recommend this setup to anyone with limited space or no need for a dual setup this single seat is a 10 out of 10.

Sometime next year I plan to move over to MSFS I am not sure if I will go with Prosim 737 or see if they have the PMDG module available for MSFS.

I hope this helps anyone on the fence about purchasing a setup from SimOn Solutions.


Additional hardware I had before my sim arrive

-Ace 737 Captains Pro yoke

-OEM United Airlines 737-522 captains seat

-Rolland Schiller 737 steering tiller (USB)

-Rolland Schiller Wet compass

-OEM United Airlines 737-322 Captains side panel trim


SimOn Solutions 737 SimSimOn Solutions 737 SimSimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 SimSimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 SimSimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim



SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim52370583696_1e9dbfc32f_b.jpgSimOn Solutions 737 Sim




SimOn Solutions 737 Sim52369638627_9bdb71e9ed_b.jpg52360013752_e24e89bf0b_b.jpg












SimOn Solutions 737 SimSimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 SimSimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 SimSimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 SimSimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim


SimOn Solutions 737 Sim















Edited by 01pewterz28

JetLine Systems Gravity GT2-Windows 10 Home Edition (64-Bit), NZXT H500 Mid-Tower, Black, Gigabyte Aorus Z390 PRO WIFI, LGA 1151, Intel 9th Gen Core i9 9900K (5.0GHz Turbo) 8 Core / 16 Thread, Corsair Hydro H60 120mm Liquid Cooling, 32GB Corsair DDR4 SDRAM 3000MHz RGB, 8GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, GDDR6
750 Watt Corsair RM Series Power Supply, 5.1 Channel Realtek Integrated HD Audio, Primary SSD Drive:1TB Samsung 970 EVO, M.2 NVMe PCIe (SSD), 4TB WD Black 7200 RPM Mechanical, P3Dv5, SimOn Solutions Compact 737 Trainer.

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