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A positive blurry view...

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I have previously posted about blurry "fixes" - but nothing, in fact, seems quite to sort out the post-SP1 blurs that so many of us have had.I've been sufficiently unhappy with my blurry performance, as a result, that I've skipped loading up FSX altogether.Today I decided to uninstall and reinstall the lot. Reformat the HDD on which FSX lives, too. The works.Still kinda blurry. But I decided to ignore it. I downloaded the (very nice) Carribean seaplane scenery, and spent an hour or 2 just cruising round the new scenery with an ultralite, then with my SF260. There aren't any big city buildings there, so for the first time ever I cranked up traffic, road and sea, and suddenly I have all these cars and boats, and I forget the blurries altogether - especially since my FPS is unaffected (30+)Then I decide I'll fly Manchester - JFK (because I have, before, IRL, but not in the sim) and I've spent hours monitoring that flight - and of course it matters not a bit that the ground 30000 feet below me might be blurred... I can only see distant sea textures, anyway.Just wanted to share this, I suppose. I've been miffed, to say the least, about FSX's (under)performance for a while now. But today I've had a ball, and surely in the end that's all that it is about, this gaming/simming business. So FSX is back in favour, for me, and I'll bank on the blurries disappearing in a year or 2 when I upgrade again in the forlorn hope that FSXI works better...Just wanted to post to remind all those who are unhappy, that there are ways to ignore the crap, and have fun anyway. Today I have had a ball. I know there has been a post or 2 in the same vein before, but I figure positive news needs regular posts.

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