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One Suggestion for the iFly 747-400 Panel

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For the CDU display, at the default size the text is too small to see very clearly, particularly on a second monitor. Also in the default settings, the CDU cannot be resized to a larger display. Solution: Open the panel.cfg file in Notepad, word or whatever. In Window 07 which is in brackets, edit "sizeable=0" to be "sizeable=1". Then you can drag the edges of the window to whatever size pleases you. Don't know how I overlooked this in FS9 for years.Completed a flight from KJFK to LLBG. Everything went smoothly with the exception that I never could get the glideslope to lock in on my approach to runway 12. I assume my flightplan was negating it in some way as I reset everything and just tried from scratch by flying the pattern and it worked fine. I also originated a shorter flight from KLWB to KCVG and it intercepted and locked on to the glideslope normally on Rwy. 27 at KCVG as well. Pretty certain the flaw was me, not the bird at LLBG to start with. The iFly CDU is one of the easiest to set up I have found and seems to work flawlessly. One can originate a flight in seconds. In FS9, I never could get the SID and STAR entries to quite play fair, but waypoints and fixes could be entered manually with no problem. I have not tried them in FSX yet.A couple of oddities: 1. I kept getting an audio alarm message: "Monitor Vertical Speed". This continued regardless of what my vertical speed was including level flight. When I reached somewhere near 20,000 feet, it stopped and never was heard again, including on my second flight to KCVG. 2. No biggie, but I get two CDU warning messages. I also get these in FS9 with this bird on long flights like the LLBG trip. The warnings are, "Insufficient fuel", and "MAX ALT FLNNN". I use the RKG Fuelstat gauge on all birds and it pretty accurately continually is in conflict with this fuel warning. Thanks to a tailwind, only a crew for payload, and full fuel at takeoff, I still could have flown almost 2,000 miles after arrival so alternates and reserves were pretty well covered. My main tanks still had plenty of fuel. In fact, if I had started with a max allowed payload, with my remaining fuel, I am not sure but what I was overweight for Max landing weight. As the bird nears my destination, these warnings cease. I have ignored the warnings as long as my fuelstat gauge was telling me I had plenty of fuel. I never have been real sure of exactly what the second FLNNN warning was telling me but neither have affected anything I could detemine.For what it is worth, if you have the bird in FS9 with more Liveries, they work fine in FSX as well. I added EL Al, British Air, KLM, Qantas, and Virgin Atlantic. Your saved flight plans can be copied over as well.Thanks so much iFly team! Your contribution to flightsim is just about the best freeware ever offered IMHO. Heck, in fact it is certainly among the very best free or payware! Now, if FSNAV could just arrive for FSX.Respectfully:RTH

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