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X-Plane 12.0.8b3 now available

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From the release notes page (https://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-12-08-release-notes/):
Bug fixes:
XPD-14755 – Default MD-82 fails to draw fuel from CENTER fuel tank: engines quit when wing fuel runs out
XPD-14760 – X-feed selected L or R causes Opp engine shut down in AirSim3D C560XL
XPD-14753 – Planemaker: can’t select “None” for tank-moves-with-wing option in weight/balance
XPD-14638 – In FakeVR mode, the mouse cursor is behind windows and the panel and can’t interact
This fixes the depth readback being broken in fake VR mode as well as the blue bar at the bottom of the VR preview.
XPD-14746 – Blue bar at bottom of VR rendering
Fixed the fake VR window being valid memory and allow de-referencing it, leading to the blue bar bug in 12.0.8.
XPD-14748 – Lightning Strikes Glitch Frame on OS X
This fixes flt_rand to not create a new random device (an OS call) per flt_rand call – this was costing 30 ms in an optimized build on my Mac per lightning strike
XPD-14777 – CDU #2 datarefs may get truncated depending on current CDU#1 page
CDU#2 datarefs use wrong size function (for CDU#1), so text on CDU#2 may get truncated (or have garbage) depending on what is shown on CDU#1. Likely caused a by copy-paste error with CDU#2 dataref defs.
Fix 737 – ground power avail light to be in sync with sim
The annunciator in the 737 would indicate based on logic that was similar, but not identical to the sim, thus making the light out of sync with the actual power. So, deleted the custom logic in Lua script that would handle the “ground power is available now” annunciator light in the 737 cockpit, and instead hooked up the annunciator to the actual GPU voltage available in the sim.
Restore fuel valves init to “any” for multi-engine planes
Restore fuel valves init to “any” for multi-engine planes with no 2D fuel selectors (this matches 12.07 behavior for C90, MD80, with no plugin setting the fuel selector on start up).

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