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Microsoft Store issues

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Hi. So I built a new PC, installed Windows 11, installed everything else I needed, and saved MSFS for last. Problem: the Xbox app needed updating, but the update freezes at 1%. Going through the Store's other app updates, all installed in seconds except Xbox, Microsoft Store, Gamebar, and Web Experience, whatever that is. I've tried every suggestion offered by every Windows forum that I could find, and still nothing. Reinstalled Windows, nothing, just those four apps refuse to update. For giggles since I had already uninstalled MSFS in my old Windows 10 computer, I uninstalled the Xbox app, then reinstalled it. Sure enough, it tries to update, then fails. Both computers run like tops, just not the updates for those four apps. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Servers are down.

Same issue. Just built my PC last night. Don't waste your time going to far into the issue. I re-installed Windows 11 Twice, did all the troubleshooting online, tried a bunch of manual Powershell scripts to repair and reset the Applicaiton as well as cache fixes. Nothing worked, finally decided to check if everyone else is experiencing server issues. Turns out, we are not alone.

Keep an eye out on this website: Microsoft down? Current problems and outages | Downdetector

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45 minutes ago, Bones62 said:

Thank you! You might have just saved the last bit of sanity I have remaining.

Temporary Solution for Users Looking to Solely use the Xbox App:
- Open the "Microsoft Store App"
- Search for "Xbox Insider Hub" and click "Get"
- Let the Microsoft Store download and Install it (It will work unlike the other apps)
- This download will take time so be patient and don't touch the other frozen updates
- Open Xbox Insider Hub when it's finished
- Go to Previews and scroll down to PC Gaming
- Click on it and Join the Preview Program
- Let it install, this process also takes a long time.
- Once "Pending" turns into "Manage" - Restart your PC
- Once back to Windows, open the Microsoft Store, Click Library (Bottom)
- Click the three dots on each frozen app update and click "Cancel Download"
- After all have been closed, click on the "Get Updates" Button
- Install the Xbox App
- This one took about 15 minutes but it DID WORK this time. So be super patient.
- Open Xbox App after it downloads and enjoy the beta version for now

Hopefully Microsoft fixes this issue soon, it drove me insane.

Downloading the 168GB now for MSFS! Have Fun 😄
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