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"OnAir" Workshop (Saturday)

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What: “OnAir” Workshop
When: Saturday, Dec 9th, 11am PT, 2pm ET, 1900 UTC
Where: TeamSpeak3, connect to(ctrl-s):ts3.digitalthemepark.com or Discord
Additional Info: www.digitalthemepark.com

DigitalThemePark members, BrianS and CrunchyBob, will be conducting this year’s annual workshop covering the “OnAir” Airline Manager. No experience is necessary. If you have ever wanted to give this a try, have not known where to start, and enjoy a calm and relaxed environment with like-minded others … this is the place for you.

There are plenty of really good videos out there on the topic, but to supplement that material, we are going to have a “live” tutorial and Q&A for folks. Here is a synopsis of the topics covered:

* Introduction; what the heck is this all about
* Starting your own “company”
* Getting a loan and leasing/renting your first aircraft
* Choosing a job
* Flying the job
* Banking some coin
* Skills tree
* Where to go from here
As always, meet up with us on Discord or TeamSpeak (ts3.digitalthemepark.com) for more event details.

Note: We suggest getting connected before the event in order to make sure your headset fully works and is familiar with TeamSpeak3. Download TeamSpeak3 at http://www.teamspeak.com, connect to ts3.digitalthemepark.com, and message Zoolander64 or one of the other [sTAFF] members as we stay connected 24/7 and usually fly or are not far away from our computer. You can also use the FlightSim.Com/DigitalthemePark Discord, but most will be on TeamSpeak.

DigitalThemePark is a multi-gaming community of virtual “citizens”. It provides organization and congregation of gamers through the use of Voice-over IP (TeamSpeak 3) while promoting the interests of gaming, software, and hardware. DigitalThemePark uses dedicated servers “in-the-cloud” for all of its 24/7 dedicated VoIP and Multiplayer services.


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