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dlssg-to-fsr3 FG mod + DynamicLOD mod + 4KTV

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This post is for anyone using a 4KTV for display with MSFS. Perhaps this works if you are using more than 1 TV. The main thing is that the TV has built in Frame interpolation. If you are using a monitor chances are your not 30hz compatible and your Monitor is not capable of frame interpolation. Anyone with a 4KTV that has Frame interpolation in there home can use the file I'm going to link to at least see on screen the results.

I use a Samsung 4K 55" NU6900 as my flight sim display. I have my system tuned to maintain over 30fps in nearly all situation with my 3090 and i9 10900K at 5.2ghz. By tuned I mean i have nearly all the graphics setting maxed out and loads of AI traffic. I used the built in MSFS Vsync and set NCP to 29hz. So long at the system is not overloaded RTSS says 30fps. So that's what the TV gets sent to it down the HDMI cable. The TV has a setting in its own on screen menu called Judder Reduction. To access this setting I press the Setting button on the remote and the OSD appears. I then use the arrow button on the remote to navigate to the Judder reduction slider which has a range of 0 to 10. Once I highlight the the Judder Reduction slider in the OSD I press the enter button on the remote and it gets ride of the OSD and puts the slider at the bottom of the screen so using the remote arrows, I can move the slider from 0 to 10 or 10 to 0 quite rapidly. The difference in what you see is quite stark! Basically, on 0 frame interpolation is off and you are seeing the 30fps the TV is getting from the GPU but on 10 you are seeing 60fps because the TV is interpolating an extra frame between each frame it gets. The difference in indeed stark.

I've been doing this for a couple of years. It's basically FG without a 4000series card. It's not without its cons. There are artifact but more importantly on approach at demanding addon airports the FPS will sometimes drop well below 30fps and you get a stutter feast. The thing is that this even works really well at 23hz and in this case the RTSS OSD reads 24fps and nominally gets 48fps on screen in either case its supper smooth although with 23hz you have to slow down your panning a bit and some artifact become more pronounced.

Which brings me to the point, since I'm not really doing anything differently now except I've added the dlssg-to-fsr3 FG mod and the DynamicLOD mod to the mixture.

I still end up with 60fps on screen but the introduction of these two mods have quite significantly reduced the load on the system. So much so that every taxi and departure and arrival and taxi to gate since I've started to use these two mods in this way have been a game changing experience since they have all been at a solid and smooth 60fps on screen. This is a major millstone in FS IMO.

There is a big difference between a good 60fps with stutters and a solid and smooth 30fps. The later is better. There is also a difference between a solid and smooth 60fps and a solid and smooth 30fps. The former is quite a bit better.

DynamicLOD works out of the box. There are issues with the FG mod. That's been discussed at length in the other thread. Enough to say that on my system going to 60hz or even 50hz doesn't work. I get the 60fps or 50fps respectively but with stutters on panning and ghosting of the MSFS Overlays. The GPU load is also nearly always close to or equal to 100% Both are deal breaker for me since I get a very smooth 60fps or 48fps from my TV's frame interpolation with a nice crisp overlay when I want it except on the ground usually due to GPU load hitting 100% and the associated FPS drop. At KLAX I could see as low as 20fps on the ground.

However, the dlssg-to-fsr3 FG mod suffers none of these issues at 30hz or indeed at 23hz. No panning stutters at all and no ghosting of the overlay. The benefit comes from reduced load on the CPU and the GPU to produce the required number of frames. Without FG the GPU has to render 30fps so that the TV can display 60. With FG the GPU has to render 15fps and make that into 30fps using FG and the TV has to do the same job, take the 30 and deliver 60.

No explain offered but after introducing the dlssg-to-fsr3 FG mod to the mix the artifacts from the TV frame interpolation alone are all but gone and the image quality is noticeably better.

So for the benefit of anyone interested, since I cannot show this on Youtube, I've uploaded this file which is a 10 min MP4 of some relatively fast moving MSFS action. It's 4K at 29hz using the dlssg-to-fsr3 FG mod so 15 real GPU rendered FPS. My suggestion it that you put it on a USB drive and plug the USB drive directly into your TV to play. Get the Frame Interpolation slider on screen and put it up to 10 or however it works on your TV and watch the action. If your using a Samsung TV your OSD will probably be the same as mine. Press settings on the remote. Expert setting>Auto Motion Plus Setting>Judder Reduction. Move the slider back and forth form 0 to 10 to see the difference between the raw 30fps and image with the interpolated frames at 60fps.

Some of you might say, "So what" but to others on lower end system it will probably be an eye opener.

I'm sure these results could be achieves with 2000series RTX card with once caveat. VRAM.


You can do the experiment just using the streamed version but when downloaded its exactly what I see on screen but for a short burst of stutters near about 30 seconds in that I'm sure moviemaker produced. There is of course the odd real stutter in there. Nothing is perfect!

Merry Christmas

Don't say I never gave you guys anything!🤪

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