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Maryadi's Osprey and Miltech's Chinook

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Simply stunning the MV 22 is. A study yet fun to fly bird it surely is. A big fan of Maryadi's Osprey since its freeware release in FSX which IMO should have been easily released as a quality payware. And the one released by Miltech for MSFS is just mind blowing. It is so good that it to me simulates the deadly transition horror as in the real life (?). Quoting the designer, "I do indeed adhere to the Osprey flight manual that I possess. And indeed, one of my goals is to always stay close to reality, so everything must be customized, specific to the existing aircraft."

Surprisingly (which I should have not), the designer mostly worked on the Osprey by himself apart from the livery, marketing, and other peripheral elements. I have had it for a week or so, got a couple of sink-rate crashes but getting better now (Hard mode) 😁. No wonder the product has so far been sold more than 10K copies, and the number can easily double had it not been  "available" on dark web, and this goes to any payware out there 😞. Decided to contact the designer and just had a chat with him (Maryadi and I are from the same country) and currently they are working on Chinook which is still in Alpha phase. 

It is not without flaws though. When dev mode recording playback is done, the throttle levers' animation seem always INOP although moving them backward  do shut the engines off. Is this a limitation within MSFS or the MV 22? I don't know. Also, more navigation functionalities would make it even better, especially flight plan feature.  More thorough manual could have been useful, especially more elaboration on the transition flight from 60 degrees nacelle to 90 degrees VTOL flight envelope. Not really a fan of Chinook but if that will be in the same par with Osprey, we'll see...

Here's the recently posted video regarding the future of real-life Osprey: Future or Failure

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