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ProFlight2000/ProFlight Emulator Problem.

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First of all, let me say that I have posted this on the AVSim PFE Forum link. Dave March has given this his kind attention and I believe I have been successful in getting him almost as puzzled as I am. I would suggest that if you read this and are at all interested, that you go to the "Support Forums for OnCourse Software > ProFlight 2000 Emulator > FS9 OK but Problems with PF2000/PFE in FSX" Post under forums on this site.I thought maybe with more exposure here on the FSX Forum there might just be the chance that someone else has had the same problem and found a soultion. The following is a good example of the problem:1. Originated flight: KLWB to KCRW with FlightSimCommander8.1 for both "Flight Simulator Files" (FS9), and "Flight Simulator X Files" (FSX).2. Converted the above flight in PFE, Compiled it in PF2000, and adjusted it for PF2000.3. Contacted Clearance on 120.85. Communication ok, no problem.4. Contacted Ground Control on 121.9 for taxi clearance. Communications ok, no problem.5. Contacted Tower on 118.9 for Takeoff clearance. Communication ok, no problem.6. Contacted Departure on 134.45. No communication, no response.Tried to fly the exact same flight again. This time, initial clearance was fine, but I never could get communication from Ground Control.Tried the exact same flight again. This time, initial clearance and ground control to taxi was fine, but I never could establish communication with the tower.I have tried many times with different flightplans and scenarios beginning with the FSX Planner originated flights and Basic defaults everywhere as near as possible and only keyboard commands. I have also tried every combination I can think of implementing multiple monitor secondary windows, GameCommander 2 for voice recognition and FSC originated flights. Loss of communication is not consistant at all and may occur at any point in the flight plan (The exact flight plan repeated multiple times).Now two items that add to the mystery:A. I have discovered that if I will bring up a secondary program in the background and cycle between it and FSX as active, that communication is restored at least temporarily. For example, say I am not able to establish initial clearance communication (or any other throughout the flight): If I startup MS word in the background, I reestablish communication through PFE. I startup Word, and move the display out of the way (i.e. secondary monitor or simply move it almost off of the monitor screen but where it is still accessable). I then click on my FSX display again to make it the active program. Communication is reestablished. Later in the flight, I may loose it again. By clicking on the Word display and then clicking on the FSX display, I get communication back (for the individual communication in question). This cycle between programs seems to be consistant. Probably any secondary program would work.B. The second secondary mystery is that there is absolutely no sign of this problem with FS9. Same flight, same scenario exactly, but there are communication losses in FSX, and NOT in FS9.I strongly suspect that the problem is within some relationship of Hardware/System/FSX, not really PF2000/PFE.Please check this for me: In the middle of an FSX/PF2000/PFE flight, I have noticed that my "Caps Lock" is negated. If it was initially turned on, when I click on "Caps Lock" it goes off and will not lock again. If it was off initially, same result. While the key is pressed the "Caps Lock" light on my keyboard is lit, but when I release the key it goes out. (If I switch to Word, it operates normally).If anyone has experienced this scenario, I sure would appreciate hearing your conclusions, or hopefully solution.Respectfully:RTH

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