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Deaf Pilot

Aerosoft Flight Tales

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Is it just me or does this addon kind of suck when you try to do the missions? In general it seems to be pretty good, except most of the time I have a hard time figuring out just what I'm supposed to do... there is very little guidance, as if they just expect you to know what's required to accomplish the goals/what to expect. A good example is the Waldo Pepper mission... not only does the plane youre following on takeoff flying WAY too slow (I keep stalling out trying to stay right behind him), but when I try to do the stunt driver thing... I landed on the bus but apparently that's not what youre supposed to do... I'm sure I will figure it out but that's my point... I have to figure out how I'm supposed to do just about all the missions.It takes some of the enjoyment out of them.

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