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  1. Good evening gents. I'm still using P3Dv3.4 I haven't been able to make the lens flare effect work uniformly across all views. The lens flare effect works beautifully from the Spot view, but in the VC (where I really want it to work even more so than Spot view), it is just a plain, no frill sun with no glare whatsoever. I have checked some of the camera defs and cfgs but I think I am missing something somewhere, because no view gives me a good, bright sun glare except for the Spot view. Can someone shed some light on where I can find the cfg settings for this? Would seriously enhance the effect of having the bright, setting/rising sun glare in your face if you're flying into the sun. Thanks in advance!
  2. I am getting an error that is preventing me from running P3D. During installation I get an error message "Could not find UI resource directory." but the installation proceeds and completes suceessfully. However, when I try starting P3D, I get the same "Could not find UI resource directory." and it won't start. Any ideas how to fix this?
  3. Deaf Pilot

    Funky Water?

    That's exactly what the effect looks like! Giant round ripples/waves.
  4. Deaf Pilot

    Funky Water?

    I haven't upgraded to 3.2 yet.
  5. Deaf Pilot

    Funky Water?

    Anyone know why my water looks like this? Tried messing with different settings but nothing changes it... the only time it doesnt look like this is when I'm over 40,000'. Also, if it helps, it looks like it's doing this in radius/rings around the plane... really annoying!
  6. Didn't find any decent models, which is why I'm asking if anyone has any info on commissioning one.
  7. Good afternoon everyone! My buddy is starting to build a Zenith CH750 kit plane, and he is also a fan of flight sims. We looked for a CH750 sim, but there are no good options (the most decent option is for X-Plane), and that got me wondering... what would it take to commission a good-quality CH750 for P3D/FSX? Not necessarily on a Carenado level but maybe at least a Just Flight or similar level of quality at a minimum. I would want good /visuals, a decent interior, and most of all, a good flight model. A Carenado-level sim would be amazing but I'm sure the commission cost would be out of my budget. Entertain me though... what would that cost? So... speaking in terms of dollars and timeframes, what would I be looking at? Who could I go to with a request? He also loves Gobosh 700's... so if I were able to find someone who could make a quality CH750 for a fair price, I might request a Gobosh 700 for him as well. Thanks in advance!
  8. Deaf Pilot

    Sudden CTD's

    I have spent the last week installing P3D and a bunch of addon's and organizing everything on a new laptop. Runs GREAT!!! However, as of today, I am now all of a sudden getting CTD's - happens on EVERY startup within 5 minutes of starting the flight. Just a plain CTD with no errors. How do I troubleshoot this? What are common things to look for? Tried deleting the P3D.cfg file... didn't do any good. Help!
  9. Hello everybody! I'm having a problem with trees and buildings on some of my airports... I think it has something to do with Orbx - particularly Vector. If I disable AEC, I get trees and buildings; If I enable it, I get incorrect elevations with cliffs. What I can clearly see happening is that the airport's Flatten boundary is gone, because rough terrain shows through the runways along with the buildings and trees. Tried all kinds of combinations of layers to fix it but nothing is working. Really don't want to re-do my P3D installation!!
  10. Just Flight, in my opinion, is never a choice unless it's the only one. They just seem to consistently be bottom-rung stuff when it comes to aircraft.
  11. Deaf Pilot

    Bad blurries... cannot fix them!

    Tried everything - including a fresh install with NO changes except turning settings down to a level where P3D 1.4 had NO problems loading terrain textures... and it flat-out refuses to load textures at all. Screenshots below. Note: I am not just screaming around in a jet... I have tried slower piston stuff to make sure I am not just going too fast for what my hardware can handle. This is just the default flight, took-off, and flew a little ways away to show you what I am seeing. It will stay like this for an indefinite amount of time, never loading any textures. Like someone said in a post I saw somewhere, it's almost as if P3D is completely forgetting to load the textures! Also, the frame rate limiter is off for this screenshot to show that I can get okay frame rates - P3Dv1.4 had similar performance. Normally it is locked at 15 or 20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ........ 15 Minutes Later ............. Okay so - interesting development. Maybe this will shed some light on what's going on: I opened up Task Manager and I have done this before with no results: Increased P3D's Priority Tried different CPU affinity settings (in Task Manager, not P3D cfg) So I thought I'd try this: I set P3D's priority to Real-Time, and BAM... everything cleared up almost instantly. I can actually fly along at 800+ knots and the textures keep up with me for the most part (not perfectly but of course I would expect that at 800kts). So it looks like I will be setting P3D's priority every time I fly now unless we can find another, more permanent solution! Woohoo - cheap price to pay for being able to use flight sim again!
  12. So, I upgraded from P3Dv1.4 to 2.5, and I'm really struggling with one big problem (besides squares around lights which I posted about the other day): I have the worst case of blurries. I have tried every fix I can think of... ALL of them. Usually a little bit of tweaking in combination of setting frame rate limiter to 15 or 20 works well. However, now, it basically looks like the sim just refuses to load textures at all. I tried setting the frame limiter to 10, tried all the tweaks, tried all kinds of settings, and the terrain textures flat-out refuse to load! They just stay blurry. Even if I pause (they will load eventually but only after a long wait). The only way to get clear textures is to reload the scenery... it's ridiculous! I can get 30-35 frames at some points, so I know I have the ability to run P3Dv2.5, but I just cannot get the textures to load at ALL. Even tried messing with affinity mask, setting P3D to high priority, using Ventubo tool, etc etc... I'm trying everything and NOTHING is getting these textures to load at all. Theyre not even attempting to keep up with me - it literally looks like the sim is just forgetting to load textures. Help!!
  13. Deaf Pilot

    Squares/Lines around airport lights.

    Would really love some help here... :unsure:
  14. I just installed P3D 2.5 on a new installation of Win 8.1. I am upgrading from P3D 1.4. Everything seems to work okay but the problem I am having is these lines/boxes around all airport lights. Anyone know how to get these to go away?? Thanks!