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  1. Good evening gents. I'm still using P3Dv3.4 I haven't been able to make the lens flare effect work uniformly across all views. The lens flare effect works beautifully from the Spot view, but in the VC (where I really want it to work even more so than Spot view), it is just a plain, no frill sun with no glare whatsoever. I have checked some of the camera defs and cfgs but I think I am missing something somewhere, because no view gives me a good, bright sun glare except for the Spot view. Can someone shed some light on where I can find the cfg settings for this? Would seriously enhance the effect of having the bright, setting/rising sun glare in your face if you're flying into the sun. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hmm cop got my vehicle wrong on my speeding ticket. Identified it as a motorcycle when it's actually a car. Hope my lawyer can get it dismissed on that basis!

  3. Had a truly wonderful Christmas with my family. For the first time in my life, I feel completely satisfied and happy. My beautiful wife, my perfect son, and my in-laws making me feel like a very loved part of their family.

  4. Its amazing how much, as a parent (a deaf one, at that), you "hear" your child cry when he is, in fact, sound asleep... lol

  5. Word of advice to y'all: never rent in an apartment complex with three floors unless you don't mind walking a considerable distance because you can't find any parking when you come home late.

  6. I dont know about you guys, but I personally think many if not most prop effects in FSX are unrealistic. As far as my experience in smaller singles, you really don't see the prop in-flight unless you look for it.
  7. Is it just me or does this addon kind of suck when you try to do the missions? In general it seems to be pretty good, except most of the time I have a hard time figuring out just what I'm supposed to do... there is very little guidance, as if they just expect you to know what's required to accomplish the goals/what to expect. A good example is the Waldo Pepper mission... not only does the plane youre following on takeoff flying WAY too slow (I keep stalling out trying to stay right behind him), but when I try to do the stunt driver thing... I landed on the bus but apparently that's not what youre supposed to do... I'm sure I will figure it out but that's my point... I have to figure out how I'm supposed to do just about all the missions.It takes some of the enjoyment out of them.
  8. Okay well, I double checked that my video card AA was off and FSX AA was on, and that got it working again. However, I can't understand why my video card-enabled AA won't work in FSX.
  9. Anyone know why I can't get the AA to work? I had it working before but I don't know why it's not working anymore. I tried turning it on through the video card control panel and through FSX. I've had this happen before with FS2004 as well.
  10. Geofa,I tried your suggestion, and not only did that help a lot, but it definitely does look a lot better in terms of realism! Sergio, I went ahead and set the water back to 1.0, which sucks to lose those nice reflections but that made a difference too. I'm more happy with the sim now with some of those adjustments.McCrash, yes I have it set to Unlimted... seems to be a little bit better than setting it to where it usually is anyway (about 30)Thanks again.
  11. Sergio, thanks for your input... thats what I was looking for - someone with a system similar to mine to give me an idea of what I'm missing here, and it certainly sounds like that extra 2GB.I will order another pair of what I already have so there will be four 1GB sticks in there. Will let you guys know how that turns out. I will also be getting a Raptor, as well. (Did not have room in the budget at the time to get a Raptor and/or 4GB when I got the rest of the system)Geofa, I'll give that a try. Trees always look good... but I've always had reservations about the buildings.Thanks a bunch everyone... this has been a great help.
  12. I have GEX and UTX, so the game looks decent without Autogen, and I'm not too picky about having airplanes everywhere... so it's acceptable but I was just surprised to not see a better improvement. I'm sure we've all said this before but... maybe in the next version :)
  13. Geezus... 128GB? That's freaking wild lol.So... would you think I'd be better off just buying one more 1GB stick instead or might as well go for two?
  14. It was my understanding that Vista 32 will recognize up to 16GB...?
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