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My real life flight training continued... Pictures!

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So This morning I got to the airport at about 8:30, and managed to catch the line guys before they pulled all the planes out of the hangar. My instructor gave me the OK since there was only about 4 knots and the visibility and ceilings were good. I pre-flighted in the hangar, and got to screw around for a bit before they made it back to pull the plane out. This time I remembered to bring my camera too!I decided to do some maneuvers since I never do, so I took off and headed east along the shore. I went up to 3500 hundred, and did exactly 2 steep turns, 1 departure stall, and 1 approach stall and decided that was good for today. There were other planes in the area too.I headed NW to Meriden Markham, and overflew my office a bunch of times. I took some pictures of it. Then I just figured I'd land at Meriden for practice. I had a great approach- a little high possibly, but better high than low! I did float quite a bit, but the runway is plenty long and I was able to taxi off before the end. I could have practiced a short field landing and planted it sooner, but didn't bother. I did do a short field takeoff- man you really gain altitude quick with those! It's harder to tell at New Haven since the runways and aprons are bigger, but at Meriden I felt like I was going straight up! So that was fun. Then I just went back to New Haven and did 7 touch and gos. There were a bunch of other planes coming and going so it was quite busy, which is always fun because you get more radio time dealing with seperation. There was a Sikorsky helicopter coming in on final when I was on downwind about to turn base, and I reported him in sight. He didn't see me, so I said I'd extend my downwind to let him in. He thanked me which was cool. So here are finally some pictures to go with my long winded stories! I think I will have to attach them in two seperate posts...The little airplane that could next plane for the line guys to pull it out of the hangar around North Haven Office - Happens to be the PERFECT point to turn for the 45 left downwind runway 18 at Meriden Meriden...Paint says 123.05 which is the UNICOM frequency at Meriden Charlie to runway 18-36

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