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Dassault Falcon 50 back (after a fashion)

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One of my favorite birds from FS9 (inherited from even earlier versions) was Y.Lavigue / F. Banting / and R. Youngs great Falcon 50. Unfortunately the old gauges in the panel will not work in FSX.However, with Mikael Seedorff's new three engine panel, it can at least take to the air again in FSX. As it has always been, with a full load, one must gain airspeed before becoming too aggressive with the rate of climb after lift off from the takeoff roll.There are as expected some glitches and losses. The fuel flow gauges do not work among a few other things. All three engines are common (gauges) and there is no way to isolate engines. The most dramatic is probably that I am not sure there is a way to completely shut the engines down. Closing the mixture seems to only bring engines to an idle state. By cutting off the engine switches, gauges show that the engines have shutdown, however, you can still hear them cycling. If you enrich the mixture, they rev up again. I even edited for zero fuel and they still ran.If you have a vivid imagination and love this bird, it does fly beautifully (with the exception of the takeoff roll mentioned above). The Gulfstream V, Eaglesoft's Citation X, and this bird have always been my favorite Exec. Jets.For what it is worth:RTH

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