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Nick Needham - UTX & Genv Enhanced Question

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Guest Nick_N

>Hi Nick,>>In this post:>>http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=search>>you posted a screenshot of the KSEA area.>>Which landclass payware and or other addons you are using to>get that screenshot?>>Also what are your scenery setings?>>Thanks,>>Pete1. FSX SP22. UTX USA v1.20b With my personal selections for settings3. GEXn v1.05 with the optional UTX/GEXn landclass texture patch installed4. FEX v1.42 Themes: Sky= Misty Sky, Realistically Dense = clouds, Depths of Tropics 2 = water and Storm Rugged = waves...although FEX is not shown in the sky or clouds it is the water and I use my own shader code edits for water reflection.5. SceneryTech Notrth America landclass v1.05... although in that image SceneryTech has no influence because UTX is the landclass being used for that location along with the default FSX city layout.6. FSGenesis 10m mesh v2.0My FSX settings are listed here:http://www.simviation.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/Ya...=1200591200/5#5not for the faint at heart or ultra slow machine.. however with a decent rig and proper system setup, Water at 2x LOW, AI, car, ship traffic trimmed most users can run the same perhaps with some autogen slider tweaking too.My driver settings are listed here: (11th post down)http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_post...?TID=25186&PN=1EDIT: I also use FSGenesis USA Landclass and a few others.. these are properly located in the scenery config with UTX and DISABLED until I want to use them. Not every landclass is perfect. Outside of UTX influence I may switch to one other than SceneryTech if I find the area is not rendering right or I would just like a different look.

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