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  1. Hi Andrew, thanks for your help and patience. I improved my solution by using the humble mouse macro. It now extends and retracts pretty smoothly. I recorded a mouse macro by clicking on the speed brake switch in the cockpit and assigned the macro to the OnRepeat of the speed brake.
  2. Hi Andrew, I tried all you suggested but the movement of the speed brake was jerky and far too slow even assigning it to the OnRepeat function. I did however get a very smooth movement by using a do..while loop as follows: function SB_Inc () n = ipc.readLvar("L:SPEED_BRAKE_POS") * 16353 / 100 while n <= 16353 do _SPOILERS_SET (n + 5) n = n + 5 end end The code above runs the speed brake from closed to open very smoothly and nicely. However, when I tried to assign an action to OnRelease so that it would set the speed brake to the position when the switch was released, the problem was it waited until the do..while loop finished executing before it set the position and the position was always at the fully extended position because it had to wait for the do..while loop to finish. So what I need to do is test whether the joystick speed brake button is being held (or has been released) inside the do..while loop. That way I can break out of the do..while loop when the switch is released and the speed brake wiill stay in whatever position it was when that happened. Is there a way of doing that?
  3. I found that writing a value to the Lvar:SPEED_BRAKE_POS, one cannot set a specific speed brake position, but you can read a position from that Lvar. by using ipc.readLvar("L:SPEED_BRAKE_POS") I also found that passing a parameter between -16353 and +16353 to the function in Lib-FSX ...... _AXIS_SPOILER_SET () does in fact set the speed brake position. So my thought is to read what position the speed brake is in when the switch is released ( by using .ipc.readLvar("L:SPEED_BRAKE_POS")) and then passing that parameter to _AXIS_SPOILER_SET () and then binding that to the OnRelease action. Hence my question on how do you refer to the speed brake button in code.
  4. sorry I meant to say "..I assigned OnPress and OnRepeat to every spoiler FSX control
  5. Hi Andrew, thanks for the reply. I tried every assignment I could think of. The only P3D assignment for the speed brake I could find is Spoilers.... See attached image at this link https://imgur.com/DzFIReY I assigned OnPress and OnRelease to every spoiler FSX control I could find and none would hold the speed brake at the position it was when the switch was released. The aircraft I am trying to do this with is the F-16 which comes as a default aircraft in P3D.
  6. Hi, First, I am new to Linda so any guidance will help a lot. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog throttle and am trying to set up the speed brake switch for use in a fighter aircraft. In the F-18, the speed brake position is variable and can be stopped in any position. The speed brake switch is a three position switch, spring loaded to rear (extend speed brake), centre and forward (non-spring loaded retract.) I want to be able to extend the speed brake as long as the switch is being held in the rear position. I want the speed brake to stop at the current position when the button is released. Similarly, I want the speed brake to retract whilst the switch is held in the forward position, and to stop at the current position when the button is moved to the centre. 1. How do I refer to the speed brake switch on my throttle in the script ? 2. How do i test if it is being held or released in the script ? 3. Let's say the speed brake takes two seconds to extend from fully retracted to fully extended. So If I held the switch for one second, it would be 50% extended. What is the best way to sense how long the switch is being held? For-to-next loops? Timers? Thanks
  7. Problem resolved thanks to Andrew. The problem was that I had a logging option selected in the FSUIPC control panel. On the logging tab, in the log details area, ensure you have no logging options ticked.
  8. Hi, I am on Linda and I have FSUIPC Version and P3D Version I only have a Throttle and Joystick attached. I have no modules installed. I am simply trying to find out how the switches work in the cockpit of the default F-16 which comes with P3D V4.2, or in fact any aircraft which comes with P3D. I have saved the joystick and throttle but have not assigned any buttons as i am only interested in exploring the switches in the cockpit and how to control them. So I have set up Linda and everything is showing OK. I have created a new aircraft file from the ones listed, in this case the F-16C. I have an orange box around F-16C and sync to sim is showing. I load P3D and start the Linda Tracer and then I Reload Lvar List (a heap of Lvars are listed) and then click Start All. The console shows initialization but there are no Lvars showing in the console. Just the initialization, no scrolling of Lvars. And when I click a button in the cockpit nothing shows in the console. How can i get this to work? I have attached screenshots of the GUI and the sim running the F-16 https://imgur.com/1Vx8hnG https://imgur.com/ewgsh5o
  9. I have seen no improvement in autogen loading in V 4.2 It still loads in very noticeable patches with autogen draw distance above medium. The only setting in which it loads smoothly is with Medium or below. I have not done a long haul flight to see if it loads late.
  10. All I hope for is two things, 1) Autogen loading fix 2) improved performance with dynamic lighting....YES
  11. Robert or other team members, does the above quote mean there will be an upgrade path from NGX to NG3 or does it mean the NGX will be replaced by the NG3?
  12. Hi Robert, Should I wait and buy the NG3 or if I buy the NGX now, will I be able to upgrade to the NG3? If so, will an upgrade from the NGX to NG3 be at a cost or free?
  13. Agreed. It is a superb simulation if you want to learn the complex systems of the Hornet (I have flown the Hornet in real life). I am waiting for the DCS World F-18 to become available. It looks like they are doing it correctly so far, so shaping up to be a great module.
  14. Does it work fully? Even the advanced features? If you look at this http://www.glowingheat.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=160 link it says:
  15. Thanks.Looking at those links it seems it is not fully compatible with P3D V4 yet.
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