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Guest Knikolaes

Attention: Movie Geeks - need Assistance making a DVD

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Guest Knikolaes

Okay, so here is my issue. I have been working literally forever on a DVD project which I plan to burn to DVD for all of my friends to enjoy. It also portrays the many uses FS has as a tool in today's aviation community and DEFINITELY not just a game.Situation:I have 2 files I have made. Both are in DivX format (I am using the latest DivX codec) and each file is 700 MB.I figured, "Okay, I'll just burn both movies to the DVD back to back and they'll come out as one movie". I even have the joining ends edited so that they will merge perfectly back to back.Problem:I cannot find software capable of making this possible. My word! It's SUCH a simple task -- but EVERY DVD burning program I have in my design suite is not capable of doing this, and I have some of the best software on the market. Every program, however, keeps making me burn the files as TWO movies on one DVD -- not what I want. I want these joined as ONE movie.Programs being used:Blaze Media Pro -- so far this is the best tool I have that seems to be capable of doing the job, but it does not give an option to save in DV format. Of course, in order to save work to the computer as one file to be burned to a DV, it HAS to be in DVD format, so WMV and MPEG formats available in Blaze are ruled out. Unfortunately, in order to make an AVI, Blaze asks me about a dozen choices for video and even more so for audio. Video seemed simple, of course -- DivX 6.4.0 Codec (2 Logical CPUs), but I have no idea what audio format I'd choose here. Confused, I moved on to other programs . . . Cyberlink PowerDirector -- This program costs a pretty penny I think for such a limited program. Sure, you can make pretty menus with it, but I wish I could find on their web site where it is limited to only one burn size. A standard DVD is only 4700 MB. No matter what file I open, even if it is a 32 MB little WMV file, Cyberlink wants to turn it into a 9240 MB DVD burn. Nowhere in the documentation does it say I have to have duel layer DVD's, so any suggestions for this program will be ignored.ConvertXtoDVD -- SWEET program. I use this to burn a lot of the FS videos I have been making, but alas it is one of those programs that treats individual files as separate movies only.Windows Movie Maker -- cannot seem to handle files of this size -- period. I get about halfway thru the file conversion and WMM crashes. This is typical of a Microsoft product. I admit I am running both XP and Vista Ultimate Edition. I have not tried WMM in Vista side yet, but since it's the same program, I expect the same result.Have any of you FS movie makers out there any suggestions on what to use? And what codecs to use for audio and video?I understand most of the FS movie maker community makes only AVIs, so that is why I am asking here. Heck that's all I have to do is make one successful AVI with the proper codec choices and I'll use ConvertXtoDVD to make the bloody DVD out of it.I appreciate any suggestions anyone might have. Thanks in advance, guys.

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