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Dear All,I have had a year's experience with installing add-on panels and gauges from all you designers. My thanks go out to you all for your time and patience in making the panels and also my simming experience so much more varied and enjoyable.Recently though several panels that I have installed have had missing gauges (these panels do not rely upon you already having Shareware gauges). When I am copying and pasting the gauges to the Main FS2002 gauges folder am I to overwrite all, or, do I select 'No' to each overwrite? Some authors say 'Overwrite all' and others don't - some do not say either way. If I overwrite or not (due to an author not stating), could this be the reason as to why some gauges are blank? If so, what is the best or safest option if no advice is given in the 'Readme' file. Would GauCleaner ensure all panels are present and correct?Any help and advice is always appreciated.Cheers,Matt

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I would never overwrite gauges, especially fs2002 default gauges. I also make subfolders within the fs2002gauges folder to hold the new gauges for the downloaded aircraft. I have to update the panel.cfg file to accomplish this, e.g. gauge00=FSC.ATR.fl!Analog Attitude, 537,431,95,95 to gauge00=ATR42GAUGESFSC.ATR.fl!Analog Attitude, 537,431,95,95. This accomplishes several things, i.e., it doesn't clutter the default fs2002gauges folder with a lot of miscellaneous gauges that I might want to get rid of soon, it eliminates the overwrite problem, it makes it easy to delete this bunch of gauges if I choose to do so.If I like a particular download and it uses gauges that I already have then I will redirect the pointers in the panel.cfg file to those gauges after I am sure the download works properly and I want to keep the download. This way I can eliminate having the same gauge more than once. But remember, its after I am satisfied that things are working well!I don't recommend using Gauge Cleaners on a wholesale basis. If all you want to do is have it check for gauge useage and not make changes to your gauge folder, then it may be acceptable.

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