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Conversion for Manifold Pressure

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Which xxxgauges.h are you using? If it is fs2kgauges.h from search for "INCH_HG_TO_PSF" and "PSF_TO_INCH_HG".else define like this:#define INCH_HG_PSI_FACTOR (.4912)#define INCH_HG_TO_PSI(press) ((press)*INCH_HG_PSI_FACTOR)#define PSI_TO_INCH_HG(press) ((press)/INCH_HG_PSI_FACTOR)#define INCH_HG_TO_PSF(press) ((press)*INCH_HG_PSI_FACTOR*144.0)#define PSF_TO_INCH_HG(press) ((press)/INCH_HG_PSI_FACTOR/144.0)Arne Bartels

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