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  1. Hello, recently Win10 Pro started to act up and would not let me delete files in my very own folders. Never had problems to far. Let me say when I set up Win10 I created an Admin account and a user account, the one I am using (it's just a single-user PC). I have drive C as the system drive (SSD) and D for files and storage (HDD). I would want the user account to have access to the D drive. So after the above problems arised I tried to change the UAC settings for drive D, but I am having problems. Whenever I try to update the settings a little popup window appears and it runs through all the files on the drive, obviously applying the settings to all files. When it gets to the hidden System Volume Information folder, the process fails and I'm really not sure if it's the right way I'm going. Also, after messing around and again logging into the user account, it tells me the Recycle Bin on D was broken for whatever reason. So far I didn't change anything else so maybe there is still hope if someone could assist. Can anyone help me out here? I would want the Admin and that one user account to have full access to the drive. Thanks in advance.
  2. Nice vid but certainly fail to see anything even remotely close to low vis. More like severe VMC if you look at it from a real low-vis-POV...
  3. No, it never did. F3 and 4 did.
  4. A DME. Not exactly sure how I should shoot a ton of approaches without one (where DME is clearly required). Pretty useless in the current configuration.
  5. DME is missing, so file a ticket on Zendesk. IFR equipment unusable the way it is.
  6. Well yeah, the reason is that all the planes are missing it. Even the C152 is quite IFR equipped and yet it’s useless because they opted to forget to throw in a simple KN62A. And to be picky, the 530 distance is not the slant range the DME would show.
  7. Yes, thanks, I read that. 😃 Very good hint, but yet I’ll file a ticket regarding keyboard controls. 😬
  8. And? How does it look and feel like? Again those super unrealistic speed bumps as we’ve seen before, or actual turbulence?
  9. Pretty much everyone, as it’s a flight sim. I also noticed the issue. It’s impossible to set up a precise position using the keyboard. I wish they‘d bring back the old method with accelerating speeds along the axis. That way you have super fine control while still being able to translate the position over great distances in short time. File a ticket as I did.
  10. Yes, but usually the position freeze is a lat/lon freeze only, with attitude and altitude changes still being possible. Active pause is somewhat implemented as an everything-but-speed freeze, which doesn’t exactly make any sense imho. And as I keep saying here and elsewhere, FS did always have distinct lat/lon and alt freeze since several versions. They were just not hooked up to keys.
  11. Looks way more like another Dev mode debug info. You need to look in the menus, but the FPS indication looks very much different (and really can't be overlooked if it's on).
  12. Hm, seems to work. Are you using the mousewheel to scroll?
  13. Sadly enough it doesn't (just like every other a/c, standard or premium). It has a standalone A/P, transponder and ADF.
  14. What I don’t get why they don’t use their NavBlue data and charts as a backup. It’s not like we’re talking grass strips in the middle of nowhere here.
  15. Thanks, good to know I was not alone at least. 😅 So in the end it did work out, so that’s all good. One less thing to worry about. 😬
  16. Ok, really no one seems to care or even notice, but on a positive note, this issue has been fixed. Thanks Asobo! 👍🏻😅
  17. Yes. With party below minimum specs and settings at the lowest possible, lowering the render scaling below 100 really makes this thing smooth as butter. At least in not-so-dense areas. Kiribati comes to mind. Downtown NYC not so much. 🙈😂👍🏻
  18. They have NavBlue data. Sure coulda done something with that.
  19. That’s correct. You can’t (and shouldn’t) compare a 737 to a 320.
  20. You might get a warning message upon starting the program. Other than that it will start and run below minimum specs. Kiribati in the C152 with minimum settings and render scaling tuned down below 100 is smooth as silk. GTX750Ti here. 😝
  21. Totally changed my initial tour from the Chicago area to Kiribati. Credit where credit is due.
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