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  1. Maxouche

    FMC feature

    Hi, The <INVALID ENTRY> was also what was displayed on the video my friend sent to me. So I'm not surprised here. So I guess this is a PMDG feature for 737, most probably inspired by 777 real feature. As a conclusion, I owe him a beer. Can PMDG support me on this (because it's a bit their fault if I was ocnvinced it was a real feature) ? Thanks a lot guys for your reply, I knew I could count on you! Maxime
  2. Maxouche

    FMC feature

    Hi Kyle, Matt and Dan, thanks for your input. Actually he took a video when he did that, so I could check that he did it the proper way. Maybe this is a version issue indeed, I hope Matt can validate it in his sim, if he ever has time (or hair not on fire). Have a nice day! Maxime
  3. Maxouche

    FMC feature

    Hi to all! I am quite a passive user on this forum because so many questions are asked, so most of the time, I don't need to ask mine. Well today, I am asking something quite specific. I was quite puzzled about the quick way to enter route in the FMC (only inputing the airways, and the intersection would be found automatically). Living in Dubai, I had the chance recently to go for a session on iPilot simulator, and I tried this function on the FMC, and it worked. Quite sure that it was a real function of the aircraft, I discussed this topic with a real 737 pilot (at Fly Dubai), and took a bet on this function he didn't know. But 2 days later, he sent me a videowhere he tried to use this trick, but it didn't work. My question therefore is: - is it a trick implemented by PMDG (and prosim in case of ipilot simulator)? - is this function available only on some versions of the aircraft? I lost my bet and owe him a beer now... Many thanks for your kind answers, and have safe (or real) virtual flights! Maxime
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