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  1. I hadn't, no. But as it happens I flew one of them yesterday (The first in the list that was I believe prior to final approach). Unfortunately the tutorial didn't help. The FMC was set up and the aircraft was following the legs but there was no actual tutoring so I was able to mess up the aircraft in the tutorial much like I've been doing on my flights. the next tutorial I'm going to try is the last on the list which is the full flight from EHAM to (I don't remember the airport). I'm hoping watching the entire set up from start to finish will clue me in. One other note. I've been using the Mike Ray book on flying the 737NG and I was using that tutorial to learn how to setup and use the FMC and MCP. the first tutorial flys a loop in Sydney and that actually worked. so I was taking those lessons and applying it to my own flights.
  2. I'm having an issue with my approach and landing speeds on my 737. I have the FMC programmed and I'm finding that the aircraft is not descending to the assigned altitududes at the waypoints so I'm using the level change button to get the airplane to lowere altitudes. the problem I'm finding is that when I do that I can't get the speed to reduce. I change speeds and I'm getting a flashing "A" on the MCP. I have this issue all the way down to the runway. I tried turning off the auto throttle but that doesn't do anything either. Can someone tell me what I'm missing? Larry Schechter
  3. Yeah, I kinda figured it was pilot error. Thanks for the tips.
  4. Thanks for the help. I'm still learning about using the SIDS and STARS
  5. One last topic of discussion. I sometimes have an issue engaging the autopilot or VNAV. Yesterday I took off and clicked on VNAV but nothing happened. I took off from SLC and climbed out 1,000 ft from the airport altitude but no luck. I tried several time but couldn't get it to work. I ended the flight and started over. The second time I got VNAV and LNAV to work but the CMD A wouldn't go. I let go of the yoke based on a discussion I saw at the i-fly 737 forum that said to make sure there was no pressure on the yoke. I tried that but it didn't work either. Prior to these attempts I successfully got all three to work while using the yoke so I'm not sure where things are going wrong. Can someone help with this? I'm sure I'm not doing something right but I can't figure out what. Larry Schechter
  6. I tried flying from Fairbanks to Anchorage yesterday and an issue came up that I'm not sure is a PMDG issue or a nav database issue. I was attempting to use the GALENA FOUR SID out of Fairbanks and the KROTO1 STAR into Anchorage. When I programmed them into the FMC it gave me the correct distance between GALENA FOUR and the waypoint prior to the SID. The problem is the display was showing 297 NM between that waypoint and the beginning of the KROTO1 STAR. Now I know it's only 200 NM to Anchorage from Fairbanks and I don't understand where the 297 is coming from. I tried two other STARS and came up with similar results. Thoughts?
  7. That was the missing piece. Thanks for the assist.
  8. I have the DVD version of the PMDG 737 NGX and I just installed it the other day. I went to find the Op Center and I can't find it. This is a fresh install as I uninstalled a while back. Where can I get it?
  9. I posted a while back that my PMDG 747 and 737 software was messing up the display when I minimized it and then maximized it again. I used window mode as suggested by another user but I still need to minimize the window to access a monitoring program i need for a virtual airline I belong to. Does the 777 program have the same display issue because I'd like to purchase it but if I can't manipulate the window there's no point in buying the software. Larry Schechter
  10. In FSX is there a setting or a way to walk around the airports? I Anchorage X and I'd like to be able to explore it either on foot or in a vehicle. If a third party software piece is required what would that be?
  11. I've come across a problem with both my 737NGX and 747-X programs that I can't fix. the problem with both add-ons comes when I either minimize or reduce the size of the display when using them in FSX. After minimizing or changing the screen size and I go back to full screen one of several things happens: the panels disappear, the diplay goes blank, the cockpit displays as if the graphics are just getting loaded, or the scenery repeats (such as cars duplicate over and over). I also found out that my other aircraft add-ons don't have this problem. I can change the window size or minimize when using them and they work fine. I've tried re-loading the PMDG software; I've run system diagnosis and I've re-installed FSX. I also ran the software without any of my add-on scenery and the problem is still present. I can't think of anything else to try. I've checked the FSX settings and have put them into default mode but no luck. Any suggestions? Larry Schechter
  12. I'm having an issue with the autopilot system on the 737NGX. When I attempt to use the LNAV, VNAV and CMD buttons they either don't light up or only one lights up (usually the LNAV) The VNAV never lights up. I double checked my start up procedures from loading the FMC to ensuring the pilot and co-pilot F/D's are on. I reloaded the software thinking ther might be a glitch but that didn't solve it either. Any suggestions? Larry Schechter
  13. I'm currently downloading new liveries for my 737NGX but I can't locate the application that loads the liveries into FSX. Where can I find it?
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