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I would like too announce to you all that I am in the process of typeing a book which I will upload too websites for download. It is "The Aviation Handbook". It will contain most modern in service/in production aircraft. I would like too know if you people know of any aircraft you know where popular but think will not be listed. No military jets will be released in this series but in another publication I will publish The Military Handbook and then The Airline Handbook. MOst Antonovs will be listed All boeing Jets All DC's from the DC3+ All Airbuses ATR 42/72 Illysion (someone please correct my spelling) Tupolev Yakolev Bombadier Embraer And many others. Please tell me what you would like too see in it and if you think it is a good or bad idea too release this, it will be free. It will also include concorde. If someone could also help in my research although I will do it all if anyone knows any facts which I may not know then please tell me and I might publish it. If you provide info for the book you will be fully acknowleged as this website with your forum name unless you provide a real name. And it will be out sometime next year or the end of this year, I will be doing it in my spare time so if im not active here thats why. I dont have a lot of spare time due too exams comeing up.It includes history specs and general details a good refrence guide in a way for us. I found most of the stuff I bought did not help me or was too limited so I am going too release this it is a big project I will keep us updated dont worry. I am not sure if I should include each variant of an aircraft or just the aircraft e.g the 737 and not split up. Or pages dedicated toot he 737-100/200/300/400 etc etc for all aircraft. What do you people think. Oh yeah if you want your photo's published in it send them too me at They wont guranteeidly be included but probably will if I find them the best. Go on I want shots which show off teh aircrfat. I cant use etc for them because of copyright and the authors are hard too get in touch with. SO pics as well that I coudl sue please. I really want russian aircrfat pics and good DC3 pics.

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