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Hi,After testing and using some code from mr Pike and Doug Dawson's xmlsound.gau. finally managed to make a reasonable wiper with sound.One has to make a maskimage of the windshield, a wiper and do experiments with the coordinates. Install the new xmlsound.gau, find a nice sound and you 're set.Here is the code: (G:Var1) (G:Var2) + (>G:Var1) (G:Var1) 2 <= if{ (L:Wiper, enum) (>G:Var2) } (G:Var1) 30 >= if{ (L:Wiper, enum) /-/ (>G:Var2) } (G:Var1) 30 < if{ (L:Wiper, enum) 0 == if{ 2 (>G:Var2) } } (G:Var1)Somewhere on a panel, i have it on the overhead, a switch with clickspots:Wiper Off (A:Electrical master battery,bool) if{ 51707904 (>K:ADF2_COMPLETE_SET) } 0 (>L:Wiper, enum) (>K:TOGGLE_AFTERBURNER1)Wiper Slow (A:Electrical master battery,bool) if{ 51707904 (>K:ADF2_COMPLETE_SET) } 2 (>L:Wiper, enum) (>K:TOGGLE_AFTERBURNER1)Hope you can do something with it.May be there are much better wipers and i love to see them!Jan"Procul Negotiis"

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